Denis Brogniart is “devastated”. The host, like the rest of the Koh-Lanta team, is in mourning. Bertrand-Kamal Loudrhiri died at the age of 31, we learned Thursday, September 10, 2020. The candidate of the new season Les 4 Terres has succumbed to pancreatic cancer. It only needed two episodes to carve out a special place in the hearts of viewers. And during the broadcast of the third episode, Friday September 11, Denis Brogniart paid a moving tribute to the Dijon candidate of the Eastern team. “He was a man who radiated his good humor, a hymn to joy, a rare being who united around him,” said the host in front of the TF1 cameras, before praising “his humor, his competitive spirit , his tenderness, his smile and his appetite for sharing. ”

“Without these experimental treatments, he would have left before”

Denis Brogniart and Bertrand-Kamal became very friends during the three months of filming in Fiji, from October to December 2019. The candidate for the green team had learned of having cancer just a few weeks after his return to France. Then follow months of chemotherapy and surgical operations… a battle lost in advance according to his own friends. According to his last words, Bertrand-Kamal “fought like a lion”. But during this ordeal, he was not alone. In addition to his family, the adventurer was able to count on the star of Koh-Lanta. Indeed, as he reveals in an interview with Télé-Loisirs, Denis Brogniart has invested a lot personally in the healing of his friend and has done everything to try to save him. As a sponsor of the ARC Foundation against cancer, the journalist called on his knowledge. So he phoned Fabrice André, “I asked him to remain discreet – the doctors are – and I told him that we had an adventurer who was suffering from pancreatic cancer. And there, he fell in love with Bertrand-Kamal ”, explains Denis Brogniart to our colleagues.

“It is one of the biggest pundits in France and in the world of breast cancer. He got in touch with the medical teams in Dijon. And we tried everything ”, assures Hortense’s husband. And that’s the least we can say, because “studies have even been done in the United States on his case”! The flagship host of TF1 especially remembered “sometimes be satisfied with small victories”. And Denis Brogniart is categorical: “Without these experimental treatments, he would have left before the broadcast of the first episode of Koh-Lanta ”, he says. And “one of the small happiness” of the star, is that his friend was able to watch this episode before withdrawing his bow. “He could not see the second because he did not have the strength anymore”, he regrets today. Very moved, he finally confides: “Less than a week ago he said to me: ‘Don’t worry big brother, I’ll be there for the final. And even if I don’t have any hair anymore, it’s okay, I’ll have a green bandana on my head. ”

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