De’Aron Fox wants to continue in the Sacramento Kings. The young player is in his third year of contract and his game has not stopped improving. The point guard and his team are in talks for an extension of the contract that binds them, a league source told HoopsHype.

Although there are not many details yet, due to the salary cap that will be imposed this year by the coronavirus, the Kings do not want to lose one of the fastest men in the league. Number 5 of the 2017 draft started his career proving to be a good player, but much more was expected of him.

However, their numbers have continued to improve. Before the injury that had him in the dry dock when the season stopped, he was in the best numbers of his career, with 20.4 points and 6.8 assists in just over 30 minutes of play. Many teams will be watching, and the Kings don’t want anyone to take away one of their stars.