Minister Celso de Mello, of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), pointed out in the decision that he raises the secrecy of the ministerial meeting on April 22 apparent “criminal practice” committed by the Minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub. In the excerpt highlighted by the dean, Weintraub states: “For me, I put these vagabonds all in jail. Starting at the STF”.

According to the dean, Weintraub’s “very serious alice”, “in a contumelious speech and apparently offensive to the moral patrimony” of the ministers, shows that such a statement would constitute a possible crime against honor (such as the crime of injury). Mello also determined that all STF ministers should be officiated on the fact, sending them a copy of their decision, so that they can, “wanting to, adopt the measures they deem pertinent”.

Last April, Weintraub posted an ironic publication against China, insinuating that the Asian country would emerge “strengthened” from the crisis caused by the coronavirus. It wasn’t just that: it said that China held information about the pandemic to sell respirators and masks at auction price. The Minister also made fun of the accent of the Chinese, comparing it to the character “Chives”, created by Mauricio de Sousa. Weintraub even used an image of the characters from Turma da Mônica set in the Great Wall of China and almost caused a diplomatic crisis. As a result, the STF determined to open an investigation for racism against him.

Worn out in the government, Weintraub was further weakened by the release of the video. When set as a minister “group more connected with militancy,” Weintraub admitted he was still “militant” and complained of “palace intrigues” in addition to “own agenda” of many colleagues. Although he did not say the word Centrão, he did not hide his opposition to the ongoing political negotiations.

“We are talking to whom we had to fight. (…) I listen to this lot of people defending privilege, tit (…) Business. Loans. We came here to end this, not to keep this structure “, insisted the Minister of Education. The scene caused discomfort and embarrassment in the Plateau, although Bolsonaro there agreed with the auxiliary’s reasoning. “What Weintraub is saying – I’m 65 years old – (is that) we are getting closer to those who shouldn’t. I already have to police myself with regard to that. They are people here in Brasília, of the three branches, who do not know what people are “, observed president at the meeting.


Member of the ideological wing of the government, which has the writer Olavo de Carvalho as guru, Weintraub is the target of the military core of the Plateau. In recent days, attacks on him have increased on social media after his resistance to postponing the National High School Exam (Enem). On Wednesday, however, the government confirmed that Enem will be postponed by one or two months – from November to December or January 2021 – because of the new coronavirus pandemic.

The decision, however, exposed another chapter of the arm wrestling within the government. Bolsonaro had to frame Weintraub after being told by the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), that would be defeated in Congress insisted on keeping the date of Enem. The episode served to further irritate President. Bolsonaro has been upset by the Minister of Education for some time, but have been putting off a more assertive decision on the auxiliary destination. One reason is because he has a personal appreciation for Weintraub and, especially, for his brother, Arthur, who is his advisor to the Presidency.

The problem is that Weintraub has been buying several fights inside and outside the government. The minister was against, for example, handing over the presidency and boards of the National Education Development Fund (FNDE), which has a budget of R $ 29.4 billion this year, to Centrão’s parties. He tapped his foot as long as he could, forcing Bolsonaro to give him an ultimatum: he either accepted or had to leave. He relented.

Still during the meeting, Weintraub says he “hates” the term indigenous peoples. “He’s trying to turn us into a colony. This country is not… I hate the term ‘indigenous peoples’, I hate that term. I hate it. The ‘Roma people’. There are only one people in this country. They are Brazilian people. They can be black, they can be white, they can be Japanese, they can be descendants of Indians, but they must be Brazilian, damn it!

The information is from the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

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