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Great games like The Last of Us: Part 2 or Ghost of Tsushima are in the new offerings.

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Christmas is approaching and we are already thinking about gifts, decorating the house, and like every year, also in the Black Friday deals, which have become one of the most anticipated traditions by video game fans around the world. PlayStation did not want to miss this party, and once again, it surprises us with a good quantity and variety promotions in PS Store, PS Plus and PS Now so that you are the player you are, find the perfect gift for these important dates, or you can indulge yourself with one of the great video games that PlayStation 4 has left us in its seven years of life, which are not few!

This Black Friday he will make it easy for you so that you do not miss those great exclusive video gamesDid you have any of its great exclusives to play? Never found the time to get hold of some of the top PS4 games? This Black Friday will make it easy for you so that you do not miss those great video games in digital format via the PlayStation Store with offers from November 20 to 30. During this period of time they will also be PS Plus and PS Now on sale both through the PlayStation Store and in physical stores, so take the opportunity to get an annual subscription to PlayStation services, or be generous and share your hobby with a friend, giving them a year of PS Plus to enjoy together the online, or the annual subscription of PS Now, so that you know the history of PlayStation with its more than 700 games available in streaming.

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To make things a little easier for you, here we leave you with a selection of games that you should not miss, either to play on your own or to give to a friend, although do not hesitate to consult the list of sale games on the PS Store for yourself, where you will find a great variety of proposals of all genres, of great quality and with a wide range of prices. Do you like any? PlayStation Store guarantees the security and ease to buy them in a matter of seconds.

FIFA 21 Standard Edition goes from € 69.99 to € 38.49: If you like football, you have an appointment with the latest edition of the FIFA series, with hours of pure entertainment for any fan of the beautiful game. With a renewed manager mode to the delight of those who enjoy managing a team beyond the field of play, with its online options, EA Sports provides hours and hours of pure entertainment so you do not get bored.

The Last of Us Part II Standard Edition goes from € 69.99 to € 39.89: Naughty Dog signs another extraordinary work with this action adventure that puts us in the shoes of Ellie who will embark on a journey through the tranquil forests and mountains of Jackson, passing through the lush ruins of Seattle. With a staging of enormous quality and a story that leaves no one indifferent, if you have not yet faced the dangers of the world The Last of Us: Part 2, there is no longer any excuse. And if you’re thinking of making a good gift, we can’t think of better options than this.

NBA 2K21 Standard Edition goes from € 69.99 to € 34.99: a high-level basketball experience. Few games so carefully recreate the excitement of the court, allowing us to manage our team of NBA stars while we enjoy their games, one after another, either alone or against friends thanks to its multiplayer aspect.

Ghost of Tsushima goes from € 69.99 to € 49.69– The latest great PS4 exclusive has been popular with fans of open-world action adventures, who have not resisted the charms of that beautiful Feudal Japan that recreates the Sucker Punch video game. With the freedom to act as a samurai facing the fight face to face, or from the shadows moving like the ghost, this is one of the best games of 2020 and therefore, one of the best options to give to friends or to enjoy oneself.

Several of these proposals include online options, and to enjoy them, it is necessary to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus service, which comes with other extras that are hard to miss. Because every month the service offers its subscribers several video games at no additional cost, with great triple A, but also some of the best independent proposals of the moment. If you have not tried it yet or it is time to renew it also thinking about the future, you will be happy to know that you can get a 12-month subscription to PS Plus with a 25% discount in PS Store and physical stores.

12-month subscription to PS Plus for € 44.99

If you are already thinking about PS5, the subscription to PlayStation Plus gives access to The PlayStation Plus Collection with 20 great PS4 video games available so you can enjoy them on your new console. The titles? Bloodborne, God of War, Persona 5, Monster Hunter: World or Fallout 4 among others, with an important variety of genres in this special selection that is made up of the games that have marked the PS4 generation. On the other hand, as a final note, being subscribed to the service guarantees additional discounts and exclusive content packs on the PlayStation Store.

The final auction for these Black Friday offers on PlayStation comes to us from the streaming game service PS Now, which gives instant access to hundreds of PS2, PS3 and PS4 video games that you can enjoy on your PlayStation 4 console, or even on PC. Its catalog has more than 700 video games that are constantly updated, allowing us to enjoy hidden gems or some of the most important titles in the history of PlayStation with great ease. And it doesn’t matter if they are recent releases. This service does not leave aside any proposal, with recent releases such as Days Gone or F1 2020 among some of its latest developments.

With your subscription you can play unlimited hours to any of the titles available in the catalogAre you a fan of JRPGs? Do you like terror? Looking for action games? PS Now offers such a variety of video games that you are the type of player you are, you will always find something to your liking or, again, you can be generous, and offer it as that gift that never fails, because a year of subscription to this service means hundreds of hours of pure entertainment for any gamer. With your subscription you can play unlimited hours to any of the titles available in the catalog, with the option of downloading any of the more than 300 PS4 games on your own PlayStation 4 to enjoy them without using the game in streaming. One of the great attractions of PS Now is that, precisely by betting on cloud play, you can enjoy some of the best PS4 exclusives on your PC, wherever you go, along with your DualShock.

You have doubts? The service allows you to enjoy a 7-day free trial, which is the best way to discover for yourself the benefits of PS Now. If you are convinced, you can subscribe for 12 months with a 25% discount thanks to these Black Friday offers, or choose the 3-month option with a 20% discount at the PS Store and stores adhering to this promotion such as El Corte Ingles , GAME, Worten, MediaMarkt, Amazon, FNAC, Xtralife, as well as centers and stores such as CanalOcio, VideoOca, ShineStar, Depau Sistemas, Expert and Tien21 and other selected telephony and video game stores.

12 months subscription to PS Now for € 44.99 (PS Store and physical stores participating in the promotion) 3 months subscription to PS Now for € 19.99 (PS Store and physical stores participating in the promotion)

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