Welcome once again to our weekly offer guide that takes care of your gamer portfolio. On this occasion, we recommend a fun and ridiculous shooting game, along with 2 excellent accessories for your Nintendo Switch that will improve your experience in this quarantine. Let’s start!

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PS4) with 40% discount

Plants vs. Zombies was born as a small tower defense strategy title a few days ago. Now, the franchise has evolved in such a way that it even has shooting games. Yes, we mean Garden Warfare, and if you liked them, you can’t miss Battle for Neighborville. In this adventure you join the endless battle between plants and zombies, and you will have frantic confrontations with 20 customizable classes, each with its unique abilities and characteristics. Here, you can take on 6 different modes against other people, or one mode against the machine. In addition, you can join your friends thanks to the local split-screen cooperative or online game of up to 25 people. Who would think that you would end up defending humanity with sunflowers and pea launchers?

Wired controller for Nintendo Switch style The Legend of Zelda with 32% discount

You don’t like Joy-Cons but you think the Pro Controller is too expensive? Would you like a custom remote control? In that case, we recommend the wired controller for Nintendo Switch with details of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by PowerA. It is a more traditional control so that your hands will feel at home; but the personality and style are undeniable. In addition, it includes a cable of 2 meters and a half and even different covers for the customizable levers for even more ergonomics.

Tempered glass protector for Nintendo Switch with 84% discount

We close this guide with one more accessory for Nintendo Switch that, while not very exciting, is completely necessary. Perhaps to keep the price of the console low, Nintendo decided that the screen of the Switch would be plastic and not glass, so it is very easily scratched. The solution is to protect it with tempered glass and this article we recommend includes 2 ultra-transparent, ultra-resistant, scratch-proof and sensitivity-guaranteed crystals. Of course, perhaps best of all is its very low price.

What do you think of these offers? Will you take advantage of some? Leave us your comments!