Welcome once again to our weekly offer guide that takes care of your gamer portfolio. This time, we take advantage of the quarantine to encourage you to finally jump into virtual reality. And if that does not convince you, we also highlight 2 excellent titles that for one reason or another you may have never considered. Let’s start!

PlayStation VR Megapack (5 games) with 20% discount

Can you think of a better time than contingency to enter new worlds? In that case, virtual reality is the answer. Therefore, we recommend this PlayStation VR megapack, which, if you already have your PlayStation 4, includes everything else you need to enjoy this incredible new technology. This bundle includes the version 2 headset that is more comfortable and ergonomic, the PlayStation Camera and 5 of the best titles that have come out for the PSVR: PlayStation VR Worlds, Skyrim VR, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Resident Evil 7 and Everybody’s Golf. If you are interested in virtual reality, you will not find better offers.

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again (Switch) with 55% discount

If you are a fan of Suda51, Grasshopper Manufacture and Travis Touchdown, then this is your chance to enjoy the latest adventure of this crazy protagonist before the arrival of No More Heroes 3. In No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, an exclusive title by Nintendo Switch, Travis Touchdown faces Bad Man, who seeks revenge for the murder of his daughter Bad Girl. Best of all, you can enjoy this curious game together with a friend, thanks to the local cooperative mode.

Madden NFL 20 (PS4) with 55% discount

In times of social distancing, perhaps sports titles are one of the best recommendations, due to the infinite replayability they offer. And in this sense, if you’re not a fan of the obvious FIFA recommendation, maybe Madden 20 football will appeal to you more. In this year’s installment, EA Sports refined mechanics, polished gameplay, and added exciting modes and options, such as Franchise Face, where the decisions you make are important on your journey to becoming an NFL superstar; and the unique abilities of the best SUPERSTAR XFACTOR players. Touchdown!

What do you think about this week’s offers? Will you take advantage of any of them? Leave us your comments!