The new normal is not easy. Many people prefer to remain in the safety of their home, or visit only family members. Going to a store, making an appointment, going to a shopping center, even going for a walk … it still seems a long way off.

¿How should we deal with de-escalation on a mental level? What steps should we take to return to normality and try to make life as close to it as it was before? We talk to the psychologist Mercedes Beautiful Ten, who tells Sport and Life how to overcome small challenges step by step.

“Since we started quarantine, we have become accustomed to living in an environment that gives us security and allows us to be safe from the virus, such as our own home. Many of us have been able to work, care for our children and contact family and friends from here. We have become accustomed to “false security to fight the virus”, so we have not had to face many of our fears and insecurities about health, “he explains.” In order to adequately confront fear of possible contagion, we must follow the safety regulations such as wearing the mask correctly, keeping the safety distance, etc.

“Secondly, we must aim small challenges to overcome each dayFor example, the first exit to the shopping center, which is on a schedule with little public, if it can be, better to go without small children, for a short period of time and only visit one or two stores at most. All this, without demanding too much, giving us permission to feel bad and try again another day, if fear invades us in the end, “he adds.

Because it is not easy to meet people, go to a museum, a cinema, a theater, a main street, even consider your holidays … Uncertainty causes anxiety for many people and the simple fact of having to wait, see what is happening to make decisions, not being able to choose what to do in the medium and long term, can become more stressful.

“Of course, we must not forget the most important thing of all, that the human being is strong to resist many attempts and failures until finally he achieves what he sets out to do. During this pandemic we have been able to withstand many days of confinement, we have learned to value more everything that surrounds us and also many people have selflessly helped others, therefore, much encouragement to everyone in this new challenge, “he reminds us. .

The virus is still with us is not gone, and being cautious about security measures, outings, trips, meetings … will be the best solution for our fears, to protect our family and friends and, on everything, to protect the health of all if we collaborate in a new normality without haste.