He points out that the only handicap for him would be ignorance of the terrain

The Hyundai driver believes that with proper preparation, he would fight with those at the top

Rally driver Dani Sordo believes that Fernando Alonso would do well in the Endurance World Championship. The Spaniard thinks that the two-time Formula 1 champion could fight the best drivers if he were to start a new adventure in the WRC.

Fernando Alonso has shown us his most off-road facet in recent years and that has made him relate to numerous motor disciplines. Thanks to his link to Toyota for the WEC and the Dakar, he tested the Yaris WRC last year at the RallyRACC. However, Fernando has always maintained a certain distance of respect for rallies.

The Asturian has run throughout his career with the responsibility of driving on his shoulders and finds it difficult to change his way of working completely to share it with a co-pilot.

In addition, it is clear to him that the WRC is much more difficult than the Dakar and that is why he rules out running in the future in the World Rally Championship. However, Dani Sordo is convinced that if he cheered up, he would do well, especially after having a first experience on the Dakar.

“He would do well if he sets his mind to it. In the Dakar he has shown that he has speed, the only handicap for him would be ignorance of the terrain,” Sordo said in a live video from Instagram from the RACC Rally account, according to Marca.

Sordo thinks that with preparation, Alonso would fight with the drivers in front. However, the Hyundai is convinced that Fernando would be disappointed in terms of car speed compared to the categories in which he has raced.

“If he prepared well, they would let him train the stages and do several tests, he would get very high, for sure. With the feeling of speed that he has, he would feel that he is going slowly in a WRC”, Sordo adds to finish.

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