Deadpool was also a TVA agent as Loki

In the Loki series, we have verified that the God of Mischief has become a TVA agent, something that Deadpool also did.

Disney Plus the series just premiered Loki, where we verify that the stepbrother of Thor escapes with him Tesseract and breaks space time, which causes the TVA I caught it. Before being “rebooted”, Mobius He asks you to help him and become a TVA agent to catch a villain who is killing his own. But Deadpool he also has a past with this agency.

Deadpool Joined the TVA in the comic Deadpool & Cable: Split Second Infinite Comic # 1-6 2015 by Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown. In this miniseries, Cable went back in time to stop the Doctor Carl Weathers, who had plans to do evil with a Time Displacement Harness.

While fighting a time traveling assassin named Split second, who wore a future version of the Time Displacement Harness, Cable Y Deadpool they got caught in a time loop. This loop sent them back 70 seconds into the past, only to repeat their catastrophic battle with Split Second several times afterward. Eventually, “the loudmouth mercenary” managed to damage Split Second’s harness, which exploded and sent Cable and Deadpool back to the year 2050. Immediately after their arrival, Cable and Deadpool were attacked by another assassin, named Loop. As a result of the previous time cycle, Cable had developed a cancer lesion in his brain. All of these events created a stream of time that endangered the universe.

The story has many twists and turns.

Curiously, Loop he looked suspiciously a lot like Deadpool and already made a lot of the same jokes. Soon, it was revealed that Loop was a Deadpool future, which was sent to kill Cable by TVA.

Deadpool he convinced Cable to accept his multiplicity, using the Time Dislocator Harness to bond with his other selves. As a result, Cable was whole again and the time stream was saved. Impressively, the “loudmouth mercenary” managed to break free from the pattern Loop was in, traveling through time repeatedly to the same moment.

So Deadpool solved the situation using his wits, so there may be certain similarities in the series of Loki. Although until all the episodes are released in Disney Plus we won’t be able to find out.

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