Deadpool 3 is a reality and the producers confirmed it with the hiring of two new screenwriters

Disney’s purchase of Fox will reboot the entire X-Men universe, with the exception of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

A third installment is on the way. The wish of the fans came true. Deadpool 3 it was confirmed thanks to the hiring of its two new scriptwriters. The Wade Wilson by Ryan Reynolds will continue with his particular, funny and much loved character. Some time ago Disney I buy Fox and the characters that were under this domain will return to Marvel Studios.

At the time that the Disney empire acquired Fox the first plan that was leaked was the reboot of the mutants. Few liked the way X-Men ended. So for your entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you need to tell the story in another way.

However, there was one character who seemed untouchable: Wade Wilson A.K.A Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds. The producers have decided to continue with their story and there will be a third installment. The new screenwriters hired are the sisters Wendy Y Lizzie molyneux, as reviewed by Veriety magazine.

These sisters are best known for being the writers of the sitcom Bob’s burgers. The aforementioned portal also reports that Ryan Reynolds actively participated in the choice of these scriptwriters.

Deadpool: A Marvel Giant

Deadpool debuted in 2016 with a box office that grossed $ 783 million. Two years later, the sequel hit theaters and grossed $ 785 million. Between them they exceed 1,500 million dollars.

Also in this second installment they added time travel. Which gives us a clue as to how they can adjust everything to suit you. Without leaving out the presence of Josh brolin as an exceptional Cable (remember that it is also Thanos). Obviously the cast of actors is not confirmed yet, beyond the obvious participation of Reynolds.