Deadly crocodile attack recorded on woman washing clothes in Mexico’s lagoon

The crocodile that fatally attacked a woman in a lagoon in Tampico, Tamaulipas, was about 3 meters long.

Photo: Cliff Hawkins / .

Images on social networks show a deadly crocodile attack on a woman in Tampico, Mexico, when she was washing clothes in the Carpintero lagoon.

The events were reported this Monday in the city, located in Tamaulipas.

The victim, who has not been identified but I would be homeless, was on the edge of the body of water right next to Benito Juárez’s hemicycle.

El Sol de Tampico reported that elements of the Fire Department and Civil Protection they immediately arrived at the scene. Arriving, the animal swam under the bridge where the lagoon connects with the Canal de la Cortadura with the victim in the jaws.

Initially, the officers tried to remove the reptile about 3 meters in length with rods and ropes, but the attempts were unsuccessful, so they used hooks tied with ropes to capture them.

After more than an hour of efforts, the firefighters managed to immobilize the crocodile with a hook, thus achieving the release of the victim.

“A crocodile in Tampico killed a lady. I was doing laundry in the Laguna del Carpintero it is a tourist lagoon and everyone knows that there are crocodiles ”, wrote a user next to the video of the event.

In the images, it is clearly seen how the animal holds the victim in its jaws while moving through the lagoon.

“The lady is already bringing … the lady is already dead … Well, so long in the water, how ugly …”, a man is heard saying. “The animal is very big!” Exclaimed another.

Dozens of onlookers came to the scene to do nothing but watch and record the incident.

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