Motion twin and Evil Empire have announced that Dead Cells has sold three million copies, an achievement obtained that they qualify as « surreal » by adding up all the sales of all the platforms since the title was put on sale, but this is not all since they in turn have confirmed that a new update is on the way for this magnificent metroidvania.

The company gives good sales results and announces the arrival of a new update in a few weeks

Since Dead Cells came out in Early Access format for Steam in 2017, it has not stopped evolving, until reaching its final form in 2018, with a subsequent and impeccable conversion for game consoles, among which it was in Nintendo Switch. In just a few years this independent title has garnered a fantastic reception among critics (in NextN we loved it!), Very good data, placing it as one of the genre’s greatest hits in the current generation of hardware, among which are other metroidvanias such as Hollow knight or Shovel Knight.

Regarding the information offered by the update which is already available on PC and coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks, it is worth mentioning that it is the number nineteen baptized as Update of Plenty, which will offer small changes and adjustments in the video game. The update joins the ongoing expansion plan that Motion Twins has had with the project, which has not only evolved through patches, but has also incorporated downloadable content:

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New mods for items and weapons. Up or down resets in item and skill stats. Added a backpack that allows players to wield a weapon while holding a dual (two-handed) weapon. video game economics, as they explain: « make prices easier to understand and allow players to exchange equipment with merchants without spending all their money. » Corrections on the difficulty curve between bosses, smoothing spikes of difficulty.