Mexico has 36,327 deaths from COVID-19 since the pandemic began, a figure that exceeds 35,620 killed in 2019

Mexico sum 36 thousand 327 deaths from COVID-19 since the pandemic started in late February, a figure that exceeds the 35 thousand 620 killed last year and reflects the magnitude of the pandemic in the country.

“Now in Mexico the probability of dying from COVID-19 is greater than from crimes or another disease,” said the teacher in Public health and PhD in Epidemiology from the University Johns Hopkins Carlos Santos Burgoa, at a conference of the School of Public Health of Mexico.

The country closed 2019 with 34 thousand 608 intentional homicides and 12 thousand femicides, adding a total of 35,620 victims of violence, the highest number since registrations began in 1997.

In recent months, despite the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures, the murders have not abated either.

And even March -at the end of that month non-essential activities were paralyzed- was with more than 3,000 dead, the most violent since the arrival of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the Presidency in December 2018.

According to Burgoa, the COVID-19 mortality in June it was 24 percent higher than deaths from cardiovascular diseases, 4.9 more than in traffic accidents and 5.5 times more that the total homicides.

In June, according to official figures, there were 2 thousand 913 intentional homicides and 69 femicides, adding a total of 2 thousand 982 murders.

That same month, when a gradual and very cautious economic reopening began, the number of deaths accumulated by COVID-19 went from 10,167 killed on June 1 to 27 thousand 769 deaths on the 30th, a substantially higher increase in the number of murders that month.

Comparison between victims of violence and by COVID-19 It has led some experts and the media to speak of a national “double pandemic”.

However, the government He has reiterated on several occasions that the health crisis is under control and that, despite the fact that the epidemic will be long, it has been possible to avoid hospital collapse.

According to data from the Health Secretary, the occupancy of general beds is 45 percent and for critically ill patients 39 percent, although there are many differences between states.

“Of course we are experiencing another epidemic (in addition to the health epidemic). Violence is clearly a contagious epidemic, “he told . Solomon Chertorivski, of the Advisory Committee of Specialists of the NGO Vital Signs, created to contrast information on the pandemic, and member of the opponent Citizen movement.

Other diseases kill more

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), in 2018 there were 149 thousand 368 deaths from heart disease, 101 thousand 257 from diabetes mellitus and more than 85 thousand 750 from malignant tumors.

If you compare with this data, COVID-19 it is still far from the main causes of mortality in the country. Although, taking into account that the pandemic officially began in the country, the February 28th, the numbers are much more alarming.

Mexico last Sunday exceeded Italy in absolute numbers of deaths. Although the European country seems that the worst of the pandemic is over, it has today 34 thousand 984 dead, while Mexico continues to record thousands of new cases daily.

Although based on these figures there is no doubt that the American country has not stopped climbing positions and today occupies the fourth place worldwide, the mortality rate is lower because there are European countries -smaller- with very similar death figures.

That is why the reading that is made of the fight against the pandemic and the official data in the country have jumped from the strictly sanitary to the political and media level.

“How are you going to compare the population of France, of Italy, with the population of Mexico? We have around double, a little more, population. But this is how the information is presented on the front pages because they want to affect us politically, “he said Monday. López Obrador in her morning conference, turned into a pulpit to defend herself from her “adversaries”.

Recently, the NGO Article 19 – dedicated to freedom of expression – produced a document where he warned that in countries like Mexico, The Savior, Honduras and Guatemala There were “various threats” to the right to information during the pandemic.

“The intolerance of public officials at various levels of government in the four countries, the lack of will to deliver useful information to the most vulnerable populations (…) and the intensification of polarization are a fatal formula for the exercise of freedoms democratic in this context ”, concluded the NGO.

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