Waiting for David de Gea to finish the season with Manchester United to spend the holidays with him, Edurne begins to enjoy the summer and the pool, as evidenced by the last photo he has uploaded to his Instagram account, a suggestive perched with the one that has devastated.

He has succeeded in such a way that he has achieved his record of ‘likes’ on Instagram with that image in which he appears in a bikini, the top with polka dots and the bottom with stripes, a provocative photograph that has more than 140,000 ‘likes’ in a day that has been uploaded, a real madness considering the data of his other posts.

“Postureo Piscinero 202o photo”, wrote the artist next to the photo on Instagram, where she has 1.4 million followers. Edurne, unlike other WAGs such as Georgina Rodríguez or Daniella Semaan, does not usually publish this type of posados ​​in bikini or light clothing, but now she has made an exception to welcome the summer boasting her figure.

An Edurne who a few weeks ago was the protagonist in ‘La Resistencia’, where she answered the sex question and almost got into trouble. “Confinement caught me in Manchester, but I had to spend a quarantine of 15 days here to be able to work and I came on May 18. They only count eight days. I don’t remember, but well, quite a lot. I’m not counting it. In this last month little to my regret … », revealed Edurne, implying that when he was in England with De Gea the relations were quite a lot, but since he returned he is at zero.