NEW YORK – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that since the COVID-19 outbreak, authorities have issued 370 subpoenas and arrested 40 people for enforcing social distancing, figures “extremely low” in which however he recognized racial “inequality” after protests by activists.

The Brooklyn district attorney yesterday revealed that in that area of ​​the big city there have been 40 arrests in six weeks in accordance with the rules of social distance to contain the coronavirus, and 35 of those arrested were black, four Hispanic and one white. , which sparked protests over police action against minorities.

In his daily update on the COVID-19 crisis, the mayor assured that these figures are “an indicator that there is something wrong” that must be “fixed” and promised to “give more training to the police and clearer protocols to guarantee that each community is treated fairly “, although it vindicated the work of the authorities.

“We do not accept inequality, and when we look at it we will deal with it. About arrests and citations, what you have to focus on is the absolute fact: it is a city of 8.6 million people, and in 6 weeks (the figures) are extremely low I do not disagree with people who show alarm and concern, but these are the facts, “he said.

“I want to see every community treated fairly, but I want a firm approach where it is really clear that the rules must be followed, especially when it comes to meetings. We are going to be very, very aggressive. They are a threat and not we are going to allow. We will work to ensure that the rules are applied uniformly across communities, “he added.


New York City had rebounds this Friday in new cases of coronavirus hospitalizations and in the total number of patients admitted to the ICU, but the mayor considered that the “panorama is unquestionably good”, compared to previous weeks, and also the percentage of positives with respect to the total tested continues to drop, at 14%.

“Anyone can look at these charts and see that we are making progress … The trends are clear and the hard work is paying off, but it does not mean that we have to go on the offensive later, we have to fight and go on the offensive. Now we are going to take the step with the vision of testing and tracking, “he explained.

De Blasio announced that more than 7,000 people have submitted to the call to form an “army” of trackers and are in the process of being recruited, while a management team has already been appointed from the city’s public hospitals to lead those efforts. , focused on tracking the contacts of each new case.

He announced that by the end of May there will be, 000 trackers running and in early June 2,500, while by that time 1,200 hotel rooms will be enabled with medical and social services for people who have to be isolated, although the testing capacity should be even and move up from the current 14,000 daily tests to 50,000.