Dazzling “Money” Mayweather: Show off a monstrous gold chain and help Gervonta Davis win the title

Floyd Mayweather Jr. showed off his heavy solid gold and diamond chain.

Photo: Tom Pennington / .

Floyd Mayweather Jr. appeared this Saturday in Atlanta as a spectator to see his pupil Gervonta davis become world super lightweight champion. And “Money” did not fail in what he likes the most: winning in the ring and show your luxuries.

The legendary boxing champion who recently won against Logan Paul in an exhibition fight that was not considered formal, on Saturday he carried a gigantic necklace of gold with diamonds that even seemed to weigh on him how big and massive it was.

Floyd also briefly handled Gervonta Davis, approaching his corner before round 10 of the fight against Mario Barrios. to tell him that he was going down on the television analysts’ ballot.

Davis didn’t like hearing that, but Floyd insisted he was being honest and supporting him 100 percent.

Davis, a fearsome puncher, then sped up and defeated Mario Barrios by knockout in round 11 to improve to 25-0 with 24 knockouts. Now he is world champion in three different divisions by adding the WBA super lightweight title.

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