Dazzle Jennifer Lopez with colorful outfit in concert

Jennifer Lopez dazzles with colorful outfit in concert | AP

The singer and also actress Jennifer Lopez is a recognized celebrity of pop music as well as Hollywood, her projects tend to become a sure success, always surprising in her presentations not only with her music and dance but also with her outfits.

It was precisely an outfit that she shared 15 hours ago in a post she made on her Instagram, where her followers delighted her pupils in several photos.

As you know JLo is the owner of a exquisite figureAt 51 years of age, she still looks like 20 years ago, this she herself has affirmed is due in large part to the skyncare care she has, which is why her face looks quite young, in addition to the daily exercise she practices.

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Any content where she appears will always be striking, especially since the pretext of seeing her show off her curves is enough to admire her a little more.

Jennifer Lopez She published five photos where in four of them she was wearing a colored bodysuit and also a dress with which her followers did not struggle so much to take some mental images next to her, because it was something revealing.

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This striking and unusual outfit of the interpreter of “On The Floor“It consists of five colors, black with which it highlights some details such as the belt and the edges, as well as the fact that its boots are also the same color, it also has yellow which is the most predominant, it is integrated into the sides.

At the center of the body we see the fuchsia pink color, the purple we can see in the upper part among its charms and to a lesser extent a light green which we find in the lower part of the body on the edges only, this in the front part.


The singer was also wearing a very striking yellow dress, especially since it had some black strips decorated with the head of a miniature jaguar and a slightly larger one just at her hip.The material with which it was made was metal so it stood out right away.

Possibly this dress gave rise to the colorful body, remember that the actress usually wears various outfits during a presentation, while as she progresses these garments are removed giving rise to a new and most striking one, especially because the black necklace with a jaguar at the top. In front of us we cannot stop seeing him while he is wearing the dress and the bodysuit.

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In the first image we see the beautiful singer from the back showing the same details of the bodysuit, obviously without the purple color, from then on they are all the same and on the same side, she also wore the same hairstyle during her presentation, a ponytail tall and with long extensions, the place where he offered this concert was in the “SoFi Stadium“, in Inglewood, California, United States.

When you rock a ponytail, you know it’s about to fall, “wrote JLo.

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