The gift cards and prepaid codes They are a comfortable option to introduce users to online platforms or to avoid having to depend on a credit card. In supermarkets and stores we find cards for all kinds of platforms such as Netflix, Steam, PSN, iTunes, Xbox, etc. Now, we will also find those of DAZN.

Prepaid cards and codes, to choose between 1, 3, 6 and 12 months

The platform currently offers a price of 9.99 euros for a month, and 99.99 euros per year (equivalent to 8.33 euros per month), with no more intermediate modalities. However, in the new gift cards and prepaid codes that have been launched in Spain, now more modalities can be contracted, although there is no discount for it.

The gift cards of DAZN will be available in the following modalities:

1 month for 9.99 euros 6 months for 59.99 euros 12 months for 99.99 euros

In turn, there will also be available prepaid codes in physical stores in the following ways:

1 month for 9.99 euros 3 months for 29.99 euros 6 months for 59.99 euros 12 months for 99.99 euros

It can be purchased in a multitude of physical establishments

The cards have a code that is entered on the web in the section of our DAZN account, and with which we can subscribe without having to use a bank card, in addition to being more convenient to give gifts. Gift codes and cards are already on sale in Spain, and can be purchased at Carrefour, MediaMarkt, FNAC, Game, AliExpress and Becharge. Soon they will be available in Eroski, Dinosol and Extralife, in addition to other establishments such as supermarkets, shops, tobacconists, kiosks or call centers.

DAZN has gradually acquired more content in Spain to make its sports offer more interesting, and the introduction of the cards shows that they want to bet heavily on our country. For next season, DAZN and Movistar will fight to take over F1, in an interesting year for the competition with the return of Fernando Alonso to Renault and the signing of Carlos Sainz by Ferrari.

Regarding football, it seems that the negative experience of mitelePLUS has meant that for the moment they do not consider offering competitions such as LaLiga or the Champions League. They currently offer competitions such as MotoGP, the WTA and UFC, and in the future they will offer Copa del Rey, Premier, Euroleague and Eurocup. Among their channels, they have Eurosport 1 HD and Eurosport 2 HD.