Days Gone and more PlayStation games are on their way to PC

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Sony and PlayStation have been characterized over several generations by their catalog of exclusive games. Brands are opening their market more and more and several of their most prominent first-party titles have long reached the PC.

One of the most recent cases is Horizon: Zero Dawn, a Guerrilla Games game that was exclusive to PlayStation 4. Since this happened, the community believes that it is a matter of time before other great PlayStation exclusives also reach PC.

If you are excited about this possibility, we have excellent news for you. Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, confirmed that more PlayStation titles are on their way to PC. One of them is Days Gone.

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Days Gone is coming to PC this year

During an interview with GQ, Ryan discussed the future of PlayStation and his strategy for the next few months. One of the points that was discussed were the possible launches of the brand on PC.

The manager stated that times have changed and that from the second half of the PS4 life cycle, incredible titles were created in the PlayStation studios. Ryan stated that the cost of developments is increasing more and more, so bringing some titles to a larger audience is always a good strategy.

With this in mind, Sony plans to see more of its exclusives come to PC. Ryan confirmed that Days Gone will be playable on computers this year. The title does not yet have a PC release date, but it will be available in the spring.

Ryan noted that they have analyzed the reception of their games on PC, while closely monitoring the reaction of the PlayStation community to the arrival of these titles on another platform.

The manager believes that there is no “massive adverse reaction” to these launches, so they will continue with the strategy. Thus, it is expected that other PlayStation games, for now unconfirmed, also arrive on PC in the coming months or years.

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Days Gone is available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Find all the news related to the Bend Studio title on this page.