Dayglow reflects on life in the digital age with “Something”, his new song

We live in a very strange stage full of changes within the music industry. In the absence of live concerts and festivals, many artists have had to figure out how to promote their songs, and some found that TikTok is the ideal place to reach younger audiences. However, there are other musicians who grew up with this platform and understand it perfectly, as in the case of Dayglow.

As you will remember, last year Sloan struble –As it is actually called– broke it completely, thanks to the fact that his song “Can I Call You Tonight?” it sounded like there was no tomorrow, since millions of people used it on the social video network and listened to it on digital platforms. And of course after this huge success, the American composer did not stand idly byWell, he will come back with something special.


Sloan Struble performing as Dayglow in 2019 / Photo: .


Dayglow returns with a new album

In early 2021, Dayglow introduced us to a new song called “Close To You”, which quickly positioned itself on various popularity charts. But the most exciting thing is that this February 22 he announced with great fanfare that after almost two years since the release of his debut album, He returns through the big door with his second album, which will be called Harmony House.

Is about a collection of 11 tracks recorded and produced by himself, where the musician from Aledo, Texas, will continue to experiment with that indie pop, full of optimism that has characterized him so much. And prove it is “Something”, the new advance of this album that he released and that lowers his hand talks about how overwhelming modern life can be right now, while balancing everything between reality and our presence on social networks.

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As if this wasn’t enough, the musician too premiered a spectacular video clip directed by Drew Tyndell, entertainer who has worked with Adult Swim. In it we see a lot of images that illustrate the phrases of the song, although Sloan also sneaks in there to show us some somewhat psychedelic flashbacks just before the end. This is an amazing audiovisual that will undoubtedly brighten your day.

Harmony House, Dayglow’s second studio album will be available on digital platforms and in physical format on May 21. But while we wait for the day to come to hear it in fullCheck out the colorful and fun official video for “Something” below:

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