Day 7 of the Second Phase of Second B: prior to the Recreativo Granada meeting

05/15/2021 at 12:14 PM CEST

The Recreational visit this Sunday to Granada CF Sports City to measure yourself with Recreativo Granada in his seventh round of the Second Phase of Second B, which will begin at 11:30.

The Recreativo Granada faces the seventh day of the tournament with the illusion of recovering its position after drawing the last match played against the Marbella. Since the competition began, the locals have won two of the six matches played so far and have managed to score 24 goals in favor and 23 against.

On the visitors’ side, the Recreational could not win The ejido in his last game (1-2), so he hopes to end his losing streak and guide his career in the competition. Before this match, the Recreational he had won zero of the six games played in the Second Phase of Second B this season and has a balance of 32 goals scored against 37 goals received.

In reference to the results as a local, the Recreativo Granada they have lost twice and drawn once in three games played so far, thus showing themselves as a weak team at home, where the visitors have a better chance than expected. At the exits, the Recreational He has been defeated three times in his three games played, which are figures that do not show an excessively optimistic balance for the match that will measure him with the Recreativo Granada.

The two rivals have already met on other occasions in the Granada CF Sports City, resulting in a victory, two defeats and a draw in favor of the Recreativo Granada. Likewise, the visitors accumulate full of victories in the stadium of the Recreativo Granada, as they have already won two away games. The last game they played on Recreativo Granada and the Recreational in this tournament it took place in November 2019 and ended with a result of 1-2 in favor of the locals.

If we analyze the situation of these teams in the qualifying table of the Second Phase of Second B, we can see that the Recreativo Granada they are ahead of the visiting team with an advantage of 11 points. The Recreativo Granada It has 31 points in the box, ranking second. For their part, the visitors are in sixth position with 20 points.

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