David Sánchez’s Mondays: Gold Medal for Don Ángel Torres

Laporta presses the accelerator. He has no other. First you have to close Messi’s contract with Barça, and then make an appointment with Tebas to find formulas that allow the registration of Leo Messi. Everything happens through the departure of Griezmann, who is the biggest card of the team, after that of the Argentine. The Frenchman wants to go to Atlético, the rojiblancos do not want to pay and Barcelona is not willing to give away a player for whom they paid 130 million euros not long ago. Operation stalled, although work continues to find accommodation for the French, either at Atlético or in the Premier.

Part of neo-Madrid continues to salivate at the possibility that Messi may not be enrolled in LaLiga next season. They have been giving talks and tutorials for two months on what must happen so that Messi is not registered. All the minutes that this small sector did not dedicate to Florentino’s famous audios are being dedicated to the issue of Barcelona’s wage bill. As they always do, silenzio stampa for Real Madrid songs and free rein for Barça songs. This is so, and so it will continue.

Leo Messi (Barcelona)

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Year for youth players. There is no better scenario for the quarries than the buck-in seasons because there is no money to sign. Given the impossibility of signing, you just have to bet on La Masia, and truly believe in it. Álex Collado, one of the greatest talents, leaves the club on loan to return next season and convince Koeman, who last year was the best left-hander of Barça B.

In Ilaix Moriba they believe and bet on him. His problem is his agents, who continue to think that 18 first-team appearances are enough to claim a galactic contract. They have a harder face than reinforced concrete. And the player shows to have very little personality, not being able to impose himself on the will of his “interested” agents. Laporta should withdraw the renewal offer and permanently remove him from the first team. They say that Chelsea, City and Arsenal want him, but specific offers, the same ones I’ve had from The New York Times, none. It is smoke.

Ilaix Moriba

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Ilaix Moriba has not drawn with anyoneHe has a token that 80% of First Division players would already like and they want more. To the stands and that on June 30th he leaves for free. It will be good for everyone.

P.S.: Double standards of the capital manual is to say that Barcelona mortgages everything to achieve the continuity of Leo Messi, and not to recognize that Madrid does exactly the same with Mbappé. Mortgage all his operations to try to undertake the signing of the Frenchman. Barça and Madrid do the same, but Barça is criticized and Madrid is praised. As usual.

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