David Sánchez approaches the Games with a brilliant bronze medal

04/06/2021 at 10:39 PM CEST


David Sánchez achieved the first medal for the Spanish delegation in the European weightlifting that takes place in Moscow, after hanging this Tuesday on bronze in the two-stroke modality in the category of up to 73 kilos, which brings the Andalusian closer to the Tokyo Olympics.

One day after grief seized the Spanish expedition with the Lydia Valentin’s last minute low, to which an untimely gastroenteritis will prevent him from competing in the European, the Almeria David Sánchez returned the smile to the Spanish team. And is that the lifter of El Ejido se has become in recent years a sure value for Spanish weightlifting, as he demonstrated again on Tuesday with the bronze medal won in the Russian capital.

A metal that rewarded the sensational performance of the Spanish weightlifter, who already started, where he finished in a meritorious fifth position, after setting a new record for Spain with 149 kilos, made it clear that he had to be counted on in the fight for the medals.

Especially in the two-stroke, the mode in which 26-year-old David Sánchez, already hung the bronze medal in the Europeans played in 2019 in the Georgian town of Batumi. Hopes that seemed to be truncated with the unsuccessful attempt of the Spaniard over 179 kilos, five less than the Spanish record that Sánchez set last November in A Coruña.

If in his first attempt David Sánchez, after solving the charge with solvency, failed in the “jerk & rdquor ;, in his next attempt the Andalusian lifted the 179 kilos with apparent ease. In fact, the gesture of anger of the Spaniard when lifting the weight, showed his anger at not having been able to raise the first mark, which he knew very well was within reach.

As he demonstrated in his third and final movement, in which David Sánchez lifted 183 kilos that placed him in the first provisional place in the two-stroke mode. However, there were still several of the top favorites to compete, including the Turkish Daniyar Ismaliyov, Moldavian Marin Robu or the bulgarian Bozhidar Andreev, the three weightlifters who had occupied the podium in the snatch mode.

The Turk was wrong Ismaliyov, who failed in his two attempts out of 185 to stay with a mark of 181, two less than the Spanish, and although Robu he did raise 183, by doing so after Sánchez, the Moldovan was behind the Spanish in the standings.

Those who did not fail were the German Max lang, that after suffering the unspeakable in the snatch, he hung the gold in both times with 185 kilos, nor the Albanian Briken Calja, which also surpassed David sanchez with a mark of 184. Circumstance that left the Spaniard in the hands of the Bulgarian Bozhidar Andreev, the current continental champion and European record holder at 192 kilos.

But Andreev, who had already left some doubt about the 182 kilos, failed in his first attempt over 188, turning his last attempt into an all or nothing. If the Bulgarian lifted 188 kilos, he would be proclaimed European champion, not only in two times, but also in the Olympic total, while if he failed it would allow the Spanish weightlifter to get on the podium.

Andreev got to lift the weight, but could never stabilize it, as required by the regulations, and ended up dropping the weights, to the delight of a David Sánchez who won the bronze medal.

A metal to add to bronze achieved two years ago in Batumi and the three more – two in the Olympic total and one in snatch – that the El Ejido lifter achieved in the 69 kilos category in the Forde 2016 and Bucharest 2018 Europeans. Medal that was accompanied by another award for David Sánchez, that equaled with a mark of 332 kilos his own record of Spain in the Olympic total.

A record that placed the Spanish in the final fifth place of a classification in which the Turkish Ismayilov, despite its problems in both times, it won the gold with a total of 341 kilos, two more than the Moldovan Rubu, silver with 339, and five more than the Albanian Calja, bronze with 336.