Superhero cinema has become in recent years something that is already firmly positioned in the minds of audiences, but it was not always the case; It took a long way to get into the collective memory. Within the framework of Comic-Con @ Home 2020, Someone who has contributed extensively to the construction of the genre was present: David S. Goyer.

As part of a talk with Jeff Goldsmith, editor of Backstory magazine, the prolific writer reviewed the most important moments of his career, while reflecting on his approach to the art of adapting printed panels to the screen.

In terms of how laborious it is to extrapolate a comic strip to celluloid, his first lesson came with The Crow: City of Angels. This 1996 tape helped him realize that, in the industry, you don’t always get what you want.

When she completed her first draft, the story featured a female character, a decision she made to reinvent the narrative and try to get away from what Alex Proyas and Brandon Lee did in the first installment. However, after many « editorial interventions » by Miramax executives, he ended up giving the main role to a man « who looked like Brandon » (he chose to recruit actor Vincent Pérez).

« At least I met Iggy Pop, » he chuckled, hinting at the rocker’s appearance in the movie.

Two years later, in 1998, he was able to carry out one of his most important projects, in the form of a Blade, which is based on the homonymous vampire antihero of Marvel. Here, he felt at home, since Michael DeLuca, president of New Line Cinema, gave him total creative freedom, since all the dialogues were said exactly as he wrote them. On this, Goyer mentions that something extremely important as writingto is follow instinct and do what you want.

In part this is what motivated him to work on two subsequent sequels, this in order to realize his dream of having a trilogy based on this monstrous mestizo from La Casa de las Ideas.

But Goyer is not exclusive to a house and, as a fan of comics, he has been given the opportunity to collaborate with the main exponents of the medium. In 2005, he collaborates with Christopher Nolan on the script for Batman Begins and, in 2008, he writes the story for the critically acclaimed The Dark Knight.

« There were attempts to return to Batman [después de ocho años de no tener ninguna producción]But I think that later we realized that we had to try something new. I think it was that opportunity that allowed us to do something different. Highlights [de la película] was that we decided to tell the story as if it were situated in the real world« 

His next contribution to DC was his story for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. From this film he learned that it is always of great importance to listen to the characters, since, many times, they have their own needs and need to take the story in other ways. This resulted in the controversial scene in which Superman, after the climax battle, assassinates General Zod

All these productions that he already has to his credit, and the decisions he has made to transmit them to a larger audience, are proof that, With a great creative behind it, the big screen can transport us to worlds where everything can happen, such as the colorful pages that inspired him to choose his profession..

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