David Fincher’s ‘the Killer’ to shoot in Paris this fall

Fincher’s next job after ‘Mank’ to shoot in Paris Michael Fassbender heads the cast ‘The Killer’ will also go to Netflix

Fans won’t have to wait long for the next movie David Fincher, as the production of ‘The Killer’ has been announced for this fall in Paris. Fincher will be joined by his director of photography, an Oscar winner for his latest work with the director, ‘Mank’, Erik messerschmidt. He will also meet with the Seven screenwriter, Andrew Kevin Walker, who will adapt the script for ‘The Killer’ from the graphic novel of the same name by Alexis Nolent. So far only one cast member has been announced: Michael Fassbender, which is the star’s first time working with the director. Like ‘Mank’, ‘The Killer’ will also be released via Netflix.

‘The Killer’ is a French graphic novel series published in 2018, which follows a gruff and distraught elite assassin as he tries to free himself from the political fallout his assignments have caused. Upon retiring to Mexico, he finds himself embroiled in a geopolitical political crisis between Cuba, Venezuela and the United States. A daring neo-noir inspired by the real political actions of the 70s, and which is sure to be an exciting but meaningful cinematic experience.

Fincher has been trying to make this movie for 14 years, and it was originally scheduled at Paramount before signing his four-year deal with Netflix. Now that the streaming service is earning more Oscar nominations, it makes sense that Netflix is ​​speeding up Fincher’s movie.

This will be Fincher’s next job to the divisive ‘Mank’. Almost all of Fincher’s projects have received rave reviews and have endowed the director with a solvent fan base, especially after the success of ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Lost’. Mank was another exciting project for Fincher, who managed to secure funding for the film and turn his late father’s script into a black-and-white play about the complex and former Hollywood screenwriter.

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For now, what is known about ‘The Killer’ is that production will begin this fall in Paris.

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