Although it is no longer active, David ferrer It has been another of those harmed by the Covid-19 crisis. Director of the Count of Godó, it was announced several weeks ago that the clay court tour was completely canceled, with the exception of Roland Garros, who could have his chance after the US Open. The man from Alicante chatted with Radio Marca about the current situation and his vision of the coming months on the circuit and in life in general.

His first year off the slopes and how he remembers his farewell. “It is my first birthday without being a player, but I already see it a little distant, a year has passed, I watch tennis games, even watching old games of mine and I am happy to see them, but it is no longer something I miss, to be honest. personal level this year has been positive, with that appointment as director of the Godó, and it is a pity that we have not been able to debut, but in the end it is the least of it, I will be at another time, the important thing is to get out of this as best as possible and that as many lives as possible be saved. “

“I hope we know how to value everything better after all this”

“The farewell, the tournaments I played … I’m very happy with how everything went and how I said goodbye. I wanted to finish in a good way, and I was able to do it, I beat Zverev, who was top-10, I beat Bautista, I played at a good level and that’s why I’m glad that I left tennis that way and with the love of the people, I didn’t expect such a good reception from the people. “

Life after this Coronavirus crisis. “This is going to change our behavior and our way of life, and I believe and I hope it is for the best. That everything is more positive, knowing how to value, not being so stressed and being more supportive all. Sometimes I feel sorry that even in moments like this there is social confrontation, now is the time to support each other. “

And tennis, will it change in 2021 ?. “I think tennis will also be affected and will change, I see it difficult to play this year. I am not a fortune teller but tennis in the end is a global sport and in some areas they can recover but start another crisis in others. I see it difficult to have 100% controlled everything so that you can play a tennis tournament with complete normality. “