On the night of Tuesday, September 15, La 1 de Televisión Española premiered the fifth edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, again with Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, Pepe Rodríguez and Jordi Cruz as judges of the new batch of celebrities who have joined the program . A first broadcast that concluded with the elimination of David Fernández, who became the first participant to be forced to leave the culinary talent show.

David Fernández, during the evaluations of the judges in ‘MasterChef Celebrity 5’

After facing the first group test in Jaén, the blue team, led by Nicolás Coronado, ended up being chosen to face the eliminatory test, which contrasted with the contestant’s success in the opening test, where he became the best valued by the judges. Before starting, however, the contestants had to guess various foods presented by the judges, in order to avoid competing for their salvation. This brief test concluded with Melani Olivares and La Terremoto de Alcorcón as the contestants with the most successes, so both met with the rest of the saved teammates.

However, such luck did not accompany David during the test, which he had to face with some olives as the main ingredient, since it was the only food that he guessed in the previous « test ». Something that was evident in the eyes of the judges and the guest, chef Dani García, who approached to verify how lost the applicant was, whose dish did not convince when launching the verdict. « They have called me anything but handsome, there is nothing to say. All the fish was sold, » said the comedian, after hearing the assessment of the chefs, at which point Pepe stressed the fact that « I see little work. »

An emotional farewell

« I wanted to experiment with something that I did not know, » Fernández confessed, after his elimination was announced. Something that, as he recognized, « doesn’t surprise me either, because I’m the one with the least base here. » The applicant had the opportunity to meet with Pepe before leaving the kitchens, at which point he declared that « I have to learn to manage this tension », after which he burst into tears, excited. « It makes me sad because I would have liked to learn something else »lamented the contestant, who was the target of the affection of all his classmates, who were surprised to see him so dejected. « I have a whole experience. The important thing is not if you lose or if you win, but that you don’t lose the desire »Fernández concluded in his farewell.