Source: YouTube The Javier Alarcón Channel

David Faitelson He is one of the most controversial journalists on sports television as he has starred in heated discussions. One of the most remembered was when he branded drunk as Paco gabriel and now the member of ESPN He admits that he is sorry for calling his partner like that.

« I recently had a disagreement with Paco Gabriel de Anda, hard, difficult. He does not understand that what is said in the study stays in the study, he does not understand it that way. Maybe I too happened when I was a manager of Chivas and I regret a statement but it is part of my style« Commented the journalist on the program ‘Between Comrades‘ of Javier Alarcón.

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« The thing about Paco Gabriel de Anda got so out of hand that at one point the company told us: « We are going to suspend both of them. » I have never been suspended, the day I am suspended I am leaving« He added Faitelson.

Source: YouTube The Javier Alarcón Channel

It is worth mentioning that the discussion between Paco Gabriel de Anda and David Faitelson It happened in the past month of September, just a few days later both characters offered live apologies during the program ‘Spicy Soccer ’.