In the midst of this crisis on the occasion of thecoronavirus,David de MariaHe is in the promotion of his latest studio album and although he has not yet been able to meet with his fans to present it, he is being the most active on social networks and can not avoid the excitement of this release.

Anew album full of love, because although the singer is single, as he himself acknowledges, he has the love of his son, who has become his inspiration and his best company during this quarantine. Although the singer’s situation is like that of many other parents, that of a separated father, and he himself explains how the state of alarm has affected joint custody and where he is in his life.

Q: Hi David, how are you handling this confinement?
David de María: Well look, with a good companion who is my guitar in this case, with the piano … musicians are used to it, I feel like a laboratory mouse and when I’m not on tour or in a van traveling miles, I like to be at home. Perhaps the one who takes it the worst is my little four-year-old who has had a hard time adapting and acclimatizing himself to not being able to leave the house, but I think we cannot complain anyway, this has caught us with the internet, more connected than ever. .. is a reset for society itself. I think we are going to change many things, but in a positive way. The fight will begin in a few weeks, a very important fight and for that we do have to be healthy and strong and united.

Q: David, what is costing you the most, how has your routine changed?
DM: I had a month of March that I was going to Santiago to do television, I was going down in Seville, I had an acoustic concert in which I was going to present something new, we played in Haro, very close to Burgos … so what else do I miss? that is less, playing with my musicians, the look, the pulse, the touch … that. I think it will take a while, but … the next concert will be unforgettable when we can be in front of the public.

Q: And how is the little boy doing? Because they are four years old …
D.M: Good. The children think that they have taken us exclusively to the parents. We live so fast and at such a speed that they now notice they have us and I think that is helping them get along. He has us exclusively, he marks the times, what he wants to see and how difficult is that, put him on the sidewalk, that you have to study, you have to keep learning the words, you have to continue with English and that’s the battle, not All day you can play and you have to create a discipline of education at home, which helps you to sweep, to clean, to wash the dishes … but it is sometimes better than the father.

Q: It will be taking you to childhood playing with him, studying and ultimately joining more …
D.M: I think it is happening to all of us and you can see on social networks that people are beginning to remember, taking photos with friends, of work done years ago and we are reassessing those things a bit. Even to open those books that we had not finished reading, those photo albums and leave the digital. See how those albums are more present, including the landline, I with my parents, my sister to ask about my nephew who lives in Jeréz, I am taking the landline more. We are going back to habits a little behind but more connected than ever. For example, I had never done this type of promotion, of interviews, concerts through social networks and well, at least we are united and we are in contact without the touch of the skin, but at least we are talking and seeing more than never. Those are the positive conclusions that we can draw by removing the number of deaths that exist. That we are realizing that the virus itself we had to put into our own ethics, our own morals and our way of feeling that we all depend much more on everyone than we thought.

Q: Are you also sharing the quarantine with the little one?
D.M: Exactly. Because of my situation, which was a little scared, because of course, the news, the changes in the laws, go so fast that every day there are new regulations that my fear was if the confinement was going to take it to such an extreme that with the children we are going to be able to carry out the agreement of visits that we have stipulated the separated parents.

Q: But is the agreement being followed?
DM: They stop me a lot, because I have to enter the A1 for Madrid and the army, the Civil Guard, the National and the Local have stopped me every time I have to go to Leo every three days or four, which is what we have more or less. It suits him well, because it is the only little walk he takes. At least he walks once a week from mom’s house to dad’s house. Then the bad thing is that the house is very empty when you leave and the slump is fat. But being connected and having many interviews and having instruments at home is helping me. I think that from here until we leave it gives me time to make another album, what happens is that I have to release one before.

Q: David, do you have time for love or do you have it parked?
D.M: I think about love all day, because I have the love of my life that is my son right now. he has been the engine of ‘Capricorn’, my new album, he has been the inspiration. He has even accompanied me in creation, because he plays the drums, which he likes … so it is an album that reflects a lot on the love of a father towards his son, in this case a single father. In another type of love the truth is that I have been in mourning for two and a half years.

Q: But wouldn’t you like it, do you close the door or is it that the person hasn’t arrived?
D.M: Right now the truth is that I am not capable of putting up with myself as to put up with me. But luckily we have very good friends, very good friends and now more than ever connected with those friendships that before we did not talk so much and now we talk more and that is the positive conclusion. The love … with which I give my son now I am left over and since we sleep together well I have it …

Q: Are you having time to compose or release new projects? We see you on the networks singing, cheering for your followers …
D.M: Yes, sometimes we are masochists, the poet’s apprentices, as I consider myself … or songwriters … sometimes the best phrases or the best songs are taken from pain. Last Sunday, a song came out after a phrase from my son. Because we played here with a water pistol, which luckily there are no neighbors here, and of course, we played to kill the coronavirus, before the applause of eight. At about half past seven I take it out and tell him, we are going to kill the coronavirus or with soap bubbles. And my son told me the other day, that in Fallas he was going to Valencia and at Easter we were going to Jeréz and he was saying to me ‘Papi, it seems that our spring has been stolen, right?’ And I could not sleep that night and I sat at the piano and a song or a base came out and I hung on the networks and that is called, ‘it seems like another Sunday, it seems that they have stolen spring from us’ and they are moments when that you take the guitar or the piano and you get melodies, harmonies or very deep phrases that I hunt them down and then develop them. But even though the album has been postponed until June, I really want to present it, to play it live, we have stopped rehearsals with the band, we were already preparing the live show, the stage design, the lights and all that has stayed a bit until that we can get into a studio to try it out.