David Colmenares undresses the Secretariat of Public Function

Irma Eréndira Sandoval, head of the Ministry of Public Function (SFP), it seems that last week she began to work on her message and to make herself visible with press releases, well-retouched accompanying photos and phrases to combat corruption that sound strong. « For the current Public Function, inspection is an essential element to prevent, detect, punish and eradicate irregularities, which is why it represents a true comprehensive exercise that contributes to the improvement of public management and the daily life of the people, » he said in his website the SFP last Friday.

« The head of the Public Function underlines that she has entrusted the OICs (Internal Control Bodies) to inhibit and punish the bad administrative practices that in the past damaged the institutions, » says her newsletter of February 19, 2021.

« According to the resolution, the former sanctioned public servant must pay a fine of 110 million 323 thousand 810 pesos, in addition to complying with a disqualification for 10 years, » he adds, highlighting the SFP coup. « He was responsible for causing surcharges to the payment of AICM taxes for resources managed through a trust. »

There are more bulletins that highlight the work of Irma Eréndira, one about N95 masks and another where they even talk about Odebrecht. « This new resolution reflects the firm conviction with which we are working to end impunity, which for many years was tolerated and corrupt companies were not touched. »

But the perception is that the SFP is not doing much, beyond politically supporting the family of its incumbent in more powerful positions. And of course, serving as a department of persecution and intimidation at the service of the leader of the Cuatroté.

“Regarding the investigations of the patrimonial evolution of the public servants that the SFP carried out during the year 2019, these amounted to 92, which represented only 0.02% of the total of the patrimonial declarations presented; they comprised public servants from 35 of the 296 registered institutions and 50.0% were concentrated in five public entities. It is noteworthy that the investigations were carried out entirely by the General Directorate of Information and Integration of the SFP; with which it was concluded that the OICs and the other investigating authorities provided for in the Internal Regulations of the SFP were omitted in the exercise of the powers that the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities confers on them « , reveals the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) , headed by David Colmenares Páramo.

But it goes further in its report released at the weekend: « The SFP did not have a policy, guideline or methodology that justified the selection of public servants subject to investigation and investigation techniques and methods, creating favorable conditions for carrying out of acts of discretion in the selection of public servants subject to investigation in 2019, since five of the 10 investigations of equity evolution were related to the content and timing of various journalistic articles published throughout the fiscal year, and only three of they were suggested by the Complaints Area of ​​the OIC and by the Responsibility Units ”.