Despite the fact that in his only full season as a coach in the NBA, he reached the Finals, David Blatt for the Cleveland Cavaliers he will not be especially remembered as a great lustrum. The former Olympiacos coach, among other European teams, arrived in Ohio to rebuild a team until it was found that LeBron James wanted to sign with them and the story changed.

However, not only does Blatt not have fond memories of his relationship with LeBron, but he has also decided to praise James’ ultimate rival for the title of best ever. It is that in an interview that he gave to Eurohoops, Blatt had no qualms about saying that “Michael Jordan is bigger than LeBron James”, since “he won most of the championships with only one team and did not focus on the ‘me’ ‘but in the’ we ‘”.

Blatt had a bad relationship with James, to the point that, during his second season at the Cavaliers, he was fired mid-season because the forward-led locker room didn’t want to continue playing under him. Blatt was later replaced by Tyronn Lue, who led the team to the next three Finals that include the remembered 2016 title.

However, Blatt claimed that James “is included in the top five in history” for his “ability and influence”, although it has become clear that, for him, Jordan has been the best. Perhaps the bad relationship between the two has something to do, since Blatt’s departure was never fully clarified and none of the protagonists wanted to express mom