David Beckham has fun on the test drive of the new Maserati

Since April of this year. David Beckham is a global ambassador for Maserati, so now he has early access to test drives for the brand.

David Beckham was recently seen at the Modena, Italy racetrack driving the new Maserati MC20 valued at $ 260,000.

The soccer star has a certain fascination for luxury cars and earlier this year he joined his passion for business by becoming the brand’s global ambassador sharing his valuable testimonials on the driving experience.

When he just assumed this position as ambassador, he shared a video in which he is seen quite animated and elegant aboard a luxury car of the Italian brand.

During the test drive, David was accompanied by a driver to test the car’s machinery to the limit. Impeccable as always, he presented himself with sunglasses, a casual shirt and denim, as if to flow with the blue tone of the car he got into.

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