David Beckham finds a new sport

The soccer star was happy and in his sauce during his first paddle game, which left him feeling like a child with a new toy.

In the middle of Easter, legendary footballer David Beckham took some time to explore a new sport, and we could see him super happy as he swapped the ball for the paddle racket in Miami.

His concentration was visible during practice with friends, but all in between smiles, Beckham was certainly having a great time for a beginner.

David pulled an orange Supreme T-shirt, black shorts, Adidas tennis shoes and socks, and a brown beanie from the closet for his exercise day outside.

Although he couldn’t help breaking a sweat, the 45-year-old star who retired as a player in 2013 showed he is still in excellent physical shape.

Beckham enjoyed his first meeting with paddle so much that he shared it with his more than 65 million followers on Instagram.

“I found a new sport, my back is going to hurt in the morning, but who cares #LovePaddle” wrote David next to a video of him playing.

The Inter Miami owner and his family are in Florida while David prepares his team for the new MLS (Major League Soccer) season that is about to begin.