DAVE PORTER, a natural musician from Virginia, has launched himself into the world of retro soul as he could not be less with the title of his third LP THE SOUL PROJECT and that he drinks from the sources of the great soul records of the 60s and 70s. Classic soul sound with white vocals. A soul album with blue eyes and whitish skin in which prima, more than the tear and sweat, the melodic cut and the catchy chorus suitable for a whole party with a sixties smell, over all because the rhythms seek northern soul and motown as a reference.

“Hand Me Down” opens the work to the purest sound The Tracks Of My Tears so that you can clear any doubts. “Baby, It’s You”, despite the bluesy sound of Dave’s guitar, is a tribute to Curtis Mayfield and his Impressions, while “Sweet Thing” plays the more commercial stax sound. “Faux Scoes” is excellent Hammond-based Booker T instruments and guitar sounds imitating Steve Cropper. “Lord Please Forgive Me” is the best theme of the work, a great ballad of soul feeling inspired by the compositional formula in the Impressions. “Just Enjoy The Ride” takes us through silky funk beats and “I’m Lost Without You” through Albert King-style blues soul. A new instrumental “It’s A Vibe Thing” gives the groove of the album with its vibraphone that leads us to an unattractive version of “Let It Be”, that “Everything Is Gonna Be Everything”, the most bluesy song of lp, It helps to forget by putting an end to an entertaining album that will not cause too much stir, but for these times where the sun begins to hit and the need for socialization becomes a good sound instrument to combat the heat wave and give yourself up to social gatherings, since it is suitable for any general public.



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