Dave Mustaine reached a new degree in jiu-jitsu

Dave mustaine He’s a tough guy and we’re not saying it because he’s the lead singer of one of the most legendary metal bands in history. Beyond that and age – he is 59-, the musician it is a tough nut to crack and the evidence is plentiful.

Besides being an excellent guitarist, good old Dave is also an expert in martial arts. AND if you throw kicks the same way you create riffs, you must be a careful opponent. Not for nothing the vocalist of Megadeth just earned a new degree in brazilian jiu-jitsu… There just to see what’s up.

Dave Mustaine from Megadeath. Photo: Mike Lewis Photography / Gety

Dave Mustaine, a sensei of rock, life and jiu-jitsu

The life story of Dave mustaine It must be one of the most comforting in rock in general. If we see it with the benefit of perspective, the vocalist knows how to stand up to adversity like few others. And is that imagine being thrown out of Metallica, get over it then make another band of that caliber. Or on a much more human and important plane, how complicated it must be receive a cancer diagnosis and hold on to life by defeating the disease.

They are achievements to a greater or lesser extent, which demonstrate the personality and character of which an individual is made. And well, there are battles for every moment of life. Almost a year ago exactly, Mustaine began 2020 by announcing that he was 100 percent throat cancer free. Now, the composer begins his 2021 obtaining a new degree in martial arts.

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A raffle of martial arts

So is. In recent days, Dave mustaine reached the purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The news was shared on social networks by Reginaldo Almeida, instructor leading the training center Gracie Barra in Tennessee.

In this discipline, the purple belt is an intermediate-level distinction that it usually takes two years for martial art practitioners to achieve when they leave the blue belt (four years in total from the beginner level).

Photo: Facebook Capture

“After 2 years as a blue belt and hard training and many ups and downs today, I had the honor of promoting Mr. Dave Mustaine to her well deserved purple belt. Congratulations kid! ”Almeida wrote on Facebook. But martial arts are nothing new to Dave because, in fact, he already has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Karate, according to what LouderWire says.

The next level for Mustaine It is the brown belt that we do not doubt will reach soon. Of course, we hope that soon he will also resume the guitar and delight us with some music from Megadeth.

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