Ready to make his directorial debut with the movie ‘The Rental’ (opens tomorrow), actor Dave Franco will play 90s rapper Vanilla Ice in a new biographical film titled ‘To The Extreme’. The Wrap reports that the 35-year-old actor will star in this movie that we first learned about in 2019.

Called Robert Van Winkle, the film will focus on the emergence of its central theme, from his high school drop-out days selling cars in Dallas to becoming the first hip-hop artist to have a single on the Billboard charts for 1990 with « Ice Ice Baby ». The film will also narrate Ice’s struggles with stardom, extortion attempts, and criticism for selling himself.

Written by Chris Goodwin and Phillip Van, Franco stated that he expects the tone of the film to be similar to that of ‘The Disaster Artist’, a heartfelt and fun story centered on Tommy Wiseau’s famous cult classic, ‘The Room’. The actor confirmed that the project does not yet have a director or has set a date for the start of its production, in addition to being enthusiastic about the possibility of playing this role.