Dave Bautista’s Bane would be very different from Tom Hardy’s

Share Dave Bautista's Bane would be very different from Tom Hardy's

Actor Dave Bautista has a tremendous desire to play a different Bane than Tom Hardy in a DC Comics movie.

We have already seen two different versions of Bane at the cinema. The first time was in the movie Batman and robin (1997) from Joel schumacher and on that occasion he interpreted it Jeep swenson. The second was in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and was Tom hardy the one who gave it life. Now Dave Bautista he wants to have his chance by offering a very different performance.

This is what Dave Bautista would contribute to the character of Dc comics.

“Don’t discredit Tom Hardy’s version of Bane, I love that performance, I love that movie. I would love to try it. I think it could put an interesting spin on it and I think it could do the character justice. Not only in performance, but also in physique ”.

“I would love that role where I would have to weigh 320 pounds (145 kilos) again just to play this character, it would happen. He could… play Bane in a way that is not only threatening and sinister, but also incredibly intelligent. Bane would be the type of character who is so threatening, so scary and so intelligent, that he would hardly ever raise his voice. “

He compared the Batman villain to his character in James Bond: Specter (2015).

Dave Bautista He added: “Bane would not only be physically superior, he would be mentally superior. I love the idea of ​​the challenge of playing that character. I like it when you can play a brute who is not your predictable brute. Any big, muscular guy can play the guy who’s yelling, growling, and hits hard. But if you play a guy who is not only physically threatening but also talks softly, and even more terrifying when he talks to you softly with a smile on his face, then that’s a villain. “

Now there are many movies going on both in the DCEU as in the trilogy they are preparing of The batman. So that Dave Bautista you can have your chance like Bane.


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