Dave Bautista gets excited talking about his role

Dave Bautista talks about how he got his role in ‘Dune‘, from Denis Villeneuve. He will play Glossu Rabban, Baron Harkonnen’s nephew. ‘Dune‘has a release date of September 17, 2021.

We insist on our most important editorial line at this time: Dave Bautista is the best. The actor, who we can see as the protagonist in the imminent ‘Army of the dead‘(Zack Snyder, 2021), began a decade ago to find a place outside of wrestling to, luckily for everyone, gradually carve out an amazing film career.

After entering through the front door in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘(James Gunn, 2014), and embody the most interesting character of’Specter‘(Sam Mendes, 2015), his brief but surprising role in’Blade Runner 2049‘(Denis Villeneuve, 2017) made the industry look at him differently.

So when he found out that Denis Villeneuve planned to adapt the work of Frank Herbert In a new giant of audiovisual science fiction he could not help but dream that the Canadian would call him again but, out of modesty, it seems that he waited in silence.

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“We followed that movie for months because we really wanted to be part of it,” says Bautista in an interview published in Collider. “I never approached directly because I don’t want to be that guy who says, ‘hey Denis, is there something for me?’ I never wanted to be that guy. But in the end he called me and didn’t explain that there was an interesting role, he asked me directly if I wanted a role that I had. I was so taken aback that I didn’t even know what to say except, obviously, “yes.” Moments like that really measure how far I’ve come as an actor. I am very proud that a director like Denis calls me that and offers me a role in a movie that I know will be huge. Because people have been waiting for this for years and years and years. And people are passionate about novels. Giving me such an important part in this movie, for me, was a personal statement. I can’t buy that kind of emotion, that feeling of pride. These are the few moments in life where I get that, where I feel like my life is worth something, I did something with my life. My life means something ”.

The actor will play Glossu Rabban, the Beast, the ruthless nephew of Baron Harkonnen, whom he gives life here Stellan Skarsgård.

“I was impressed by the script. I was amazed, ”he says before dropping his intentions to develop a project himself in the future. “It’s weird, because when I read ‘Blade Runner’, when I read ‘Dune’, it’s hard for me to know what his visions are. Especially what is Denis’s vision, because the worlds they create are huge. I don’t think I can direct a movie like that. My talent would focus on a very contained drama, that is what I would like to do, that is what I aspire to do. But create these universes, like James [Gunn]These galaxies are far from my head So I read it and I thought it was beautiful, I was emotionally invested in the script and the characters, but I don’t think my imagination stretches far enough to create these worlds. “

Dune‘, directed by Denis Villeneuve, has a release date of September 17, 2021.

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