Daughters of Issabela Camil know about Luis Miguel, what did he tell them?

Daughters of Issabela Camil know about Luis Miguel, what did he tell them? | Instagram

The actress Issabela Camil was one of the most important women in the life of Luis Miguel and it has been she herself who reveals, “she has told her daughters” her story with the so-called “Sun of Mexico”.

With the euphoria caused by the arrival of the second season of Luis Miguel: La Serie, the name of Issabela Camil has remained in the spotlight when supposedly being portrayed in the 1st and 2nd part of the life of the “Puerto Rican” under the performance of Camila Sodi who plays “Erika”.

It is now, Jaime Camil’s own sister, who says she has no problems in revealing to her daughters things about her love past with the interpreter of “La Inconditional”, particularly, it is one of her daughters who questions her the most, this commented:

If Antonia is more interested in things in my life and I tell her openly, I have nothing to hide. His mother had a past, had other relationships and had, I mean, it’s impossible to say, I say

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And it’s beautiful! I’m not saying I want to get rid of it, it’s just something I don’t want to share, but to my daughters, I will always speak the truth to them and they will know absolutely everything they want to know.

It was the comments of the artist who was approached in a Salvador Dalí art gallery, the actress was questioned about whether she shares details with her daughters of her past relationship now that the topic of her romance with the “star king” has become so Fashion”.

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In the middle of the talk, Erika Ellice Sotres Starr, known in the entertainment industry as Issabela Camil, was questioned about whether or not she authorized her name to appear in the “Sol de México” series.

No, I did not authorize anything … It is not so important (to sue), I don’t know, everyone has their own theme … I have nothing to hide, they are two people, each one has a way of telling their story, no It is nothing but mine, it does not belong to me …

He also adds, “I do not have the signed rights, what? It is ridiculous, if it were something that makes me ashamed I would say Ah well! … it did not happen.

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On the other hand, the wife of actor Sergio Mayer told how her mother is coping with the loss of Don Jaime Camil Garza.

The stepsister of the Mexican actor commented that this is an issue that is still difficult for him to address.

We have barely 4 months since my father’s departure, and it is an issue that has not healed, if I can say so, we support her with great affection by being with her.

Similarly, Tony Starr’s daughter and stepdaughter of the deceased businessman, Jaime Camil Garza, revealed that her mother is a very strong woman, “she is the pillar of her and her brothers.”

My mother is an extremely strong and incredible woman, but she supports us, the children, when each one suddenly has a breakdown, she enters, talks and heals, she commented.

Issabela Camila, born under the name Erika Ellice Sotres Starr, is actually the daughter of the renowned Acapulco businessman Armando Sotres, founder of the first modern nightclub in Latin America, Armando’s Le club.

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Luis Miguel’s ex-girlfriend, who made an outstanding career on television in Mexico, has stood out with her interpretation of characters in a large number of productions, some of them are:

Overcome Heartbreak (2020-2021) – Linda Brown

For loving without law (2018) – Isabel Palacios de Soto

Very Parents (2017) – Déborah Rondón

Today I’m going to change (2017) – Esther “Esthercita” Ramos Millán

Women in Black (2016) – Miriam del Villar

Passion and Power (2015-2016) – Caridad Herrera Fuentes

What life stole from me (2013-2014) – Amelia Bertrand de Arechiga

Gossip Girl Acapulco (2013) – Liliana “Lili” López-Haro

Abyss of Passion (2012) – Ingrid Navarro Vda. by Jasso

Teresa (2010) – Paloma Dueñas.

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