Daughters of Gabriel Soto already know, are you still engaged?

Daughters of Gabriel Soto already know, are you still engaged? (Instagram)

Daughters of Gabriel Soto already know, are you still engaged? | Instagram

The daughters of actor Gabriel Soto have already heard the news about the engagement of their father and the actress Irina Baeva, was the same protagonist of the recently released novel “Do you remember me“, who shared the details about the moment in which he made his daughters participate in the next stage that he will live with the Russian actress.

Irina and the Mexican actor Gabriel Soto who today stars in the novel directed by Carmen Armendariz transmitted by “Las Estrellas”, recently announced his upcoming wedding with Russian actress Irina Baeva, it was the protagonist himself who revealed some details of the moment when he decided to get engaged.

Similarly, he shared that his daughters were already aware of the news and revealed the details about what was the reaction of Elissa and Alexa to this news?

Through the cameras of the program “Hoy” the actor described the moment in which he communicated to his two daughters about his soon arrival at the altar.

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Do you accept it?

According to what he today interprets revealed, his daughters would have been happy for him.

Oh, we see you happy and how good, (his daughters told him). I have always said it as long as I am happy, my daughters will be happy and while their mother is happy they will be happy too, he said.

The little ones are two of the most important women in the life of the actor, Gabriel Soto, and he has even overcome them over anything, including his current relationship, he also points out that they have given him all their support, which would have great significance for he

My daughters are my everything and well they cheer me on, he assured.

It is worth mentioning that for Gabriel Soto the support of his family is one of the most important things, especially in this new step that he is about to take, in the same way he thanked his audience for their displays of affection and following his projects on television.

Gabriel Soto addressed details of how he finally consolidated his commitment to Irina Baeva, to whom he gave the engagement ring several months ago, however, it is until today that they make it known so he also revealed the reasons.

I gave him the ring in October and we made it public until now because first he said yes and first of all talk to my daughters, my parents and obviously with their parents.

The native of Mexico City points out that the parents of his fiancee have been married for many years, so in that regard they are very conservative, so they first decided to talk to them.

They are very traditional and have been married for 25 years, you had to talk to them, Gabriel Soto said, before making the news known to everyone.

How did you make the proposal to Irina?

The scene of his romantic moment was in Huatulco, where they filmed the scenes of the novel that the actor currently stars in with Fátima Molina and María Penella.

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In addition, for this, he chose a very special moment, the birthday of the histrionic

It was his birthday, it was in Huatulco and we were recording the novel ‘Te acuerdas de me’. The main location was the hotel where we did everything and it is one of these hotels that is dedicated to anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons and had everything necessary to make a special dinner, “said Gabriel Soto.