Grazi Massafera and Cauã Reymond shared photos and videos in honor of their daughter, Sofia, who celebrates 8 years. ‘She is a ray of light that illuminates my whole life’, wrote the actress, revealing that the girl likes to imitate her. ‘My baby looks more beautiful every day,’ added Mariana Goldfarb’s husband. Sofia also won congratulations from celebrities like Sabrina Sato and Juliana Paes

Daughter of Grazi Massafera and Cauã Reymond, little Sofia is completing 8 years old and has earned tribute from her parents on social networks. During this quarantine period, the birthday girl has been divided among the actors. “Today is her day. Love of my life, little giant, angel, little piece of me my favorite Gemini, little piece of heaven,” wrote Grazi, who recently shared a photo of when she was pregnant with her daughter. “Every day is hers! That wide smile that she loves to chatter, travel, sing, make me laugh with, imitate me (laughs)”, enumerated Grazi.

Grazi and Cauã’s daughter appeared on video imitating her mother

Caio Castro’s current girlfriend, with whom he has had relationships since last August, posted several moments of his daughter. Sofia appears dressed for Festa Junina, singing, doing her mother’s accent, on walks with her, and showing her talent in the kitchen. “She loves the wind in her face, animals have wisdom, as well as the meaning of her name Sofia, she is a ray of light that illuminates my whole life that has transformed and transforms me every day”, concluded Grazi.

Grazi and Cauã’s daughter won congratulations from Juliana Paes

Cauã, on the other hand, shared a record in which he appears hugged with his daughter, his company on frequent walks around the city. “My baby is getting more beautiful every day”, melted the heartthrob, married to Mariana Goldfarb a year ago. Grazi commented in the photo of her ex-husband using the emoticon of a heart, the same symbol used by Mariana, Ingrid Guimarães and Klebber Toledo. “Much love,” replied Sabrina Sato. “Beautiful, sweet, intelligent”, praised a follower. Caio already commented with black hearts in Grazi’s post. “Congratulations on this most beautiful thing,” said Juliana Paes.

Cauã noticed his daughter maturing: ‘Gained a voice’

In a recent interview, the actor who has just turned 40 told how he has shared Sofia’s custody with Grazi and indicated the girl’s maturity. “She understands very well. I already have shared custody, half and half. In quarantine we have been maintaining this. It is interesting that Sofia has gained a voice in that quarantine. She decides when she wants to go, where she wants to go. I am seeing a maturation by part of her. She dreams about school every day. I was surprised at my daughter’s lucidity. She is taking online classes. I’m not very much in favor of leaving Sofia with a screen in front, but in the quarantine, I left ” , reported about the girl, gray belt in judo.

Actor will have two roles in soap opera of nine

Initially scheduled for May, “Um Lugar ao Sol” should only debut in 2021 in the range of nine due to the interruption of recordings due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. In the booklet, Cauã is going to live two twin brothers who grow up separate and unaware of the existence of the other. After an accident, the one who grew up in a wealthy family is exchanged places with his brother for the girlfriend lived by Alinne Moraes.

(By Guilherme Guidorizzi)

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