Date set for California governor recall referendum

A recall referendum on the mandate of the governor of California, the Democrat Gavin Newsom, was set for September 14, announced this Thursday the authorities of this state off the west coast of the United States.

The popular consultation was set after a petition in that sense was collected more than 1.7 million signatures.

Like twenty other states in the Union, California allows its constituents to organize a “recall vote” to replace the governor. To do this, they need to obtain the signatures of at least 12% of the voters participating in the previous election.

Once that threshold has been reached, a referendum will be held on September 14 to ask voters if they want to replace Newsom and, if so, by whom.

I believe I have chosen a fair and reasonable date for this election “which” allows time for the authorities to prepare and inform the voters, “California’s Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis told ..

However, that date leaves little room for unreported candidates to come forward.

Gavin Newsom, 53, will face Caitlyn Jenner, transgender and member of the Kardashian clan, which defends the colors of the Republican Party. No known Democrat has stepped forward yet.

According to surveys carried out in May by the Institute of Public Policies of CaliforniaNewsom has a good chance of staying in office: 40% of those who believe they will vote support the removal of Newsom, against 54% who said they approve of his administration.

California voters also voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party in the last election.


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