date of official presentation of the game

Battlefield 6 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. While the current hegemony of first-person shooters is held by Call of Duty and Warzone, the new installment from EA is generating a lot of hype among players.

And is not for less. The company has been launching several pills that it aims to be one of the most spectacular games in the entire franchise. With the majority of EA studios working together on the game, and with the promise that it will be a next-gen title, the audience for Battlefield 6 is through the roof.

At the moment, yes, the news about his presentation is limited. While DICE and EA have confirmed that the game is released this 2021For now, beyond promises about the scale and spectacular nature of the game, they are scarce.

Battlefield 6 will be released in June

The arrival of Battlefield 6 is highly anticipated because of what it can mean for the first-person multiplayer industry, a launch, that of each juice in the franchise, which is always a example of what the new consoles can do, as already happened with Battlefield 4 3/4 on PS3 and 360, and Battlefield 1 on PS4 / One.

EA, aware of the hype about the launch of the game, has already given the first clue of how many Battlefield 6 will be presented. It has been through the official account of the game that the company has given the first clue: it will be in June. A special date in both se will celebrate EA Play coinciding with this year’s virtual E3.

For now, yes, EA and DICE keep the most important for the presentation. The setting of the new Battlefield 6, that rumors point to the current era with modern combat, is still a mystery, and that there are some leaked images.

Either way, put the date on the calendar. Battlefield 6 will be released in the fall of this year for the new generation and will be the first large-scale opponent for Warzone.

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