date of departure, price, models and everything we think we know about the platform

The announcement came last December at Warner Media’s Websummit 2020: HBO Max, which had been running since May 27 in the United States, would also land in Europe. At the moment there is only one date in the offing: second semester of 2021 so that we can also enjoy HBO Max in Spain.

The launch announcement raises a few questions about the launch and its arrival. Mainly, what will that exact date be and with what price it will do it. At the moment there is not much data, but we have compiled the answers that we can give and a few guesses that are possibly very close to the data of the next launch. This is everything we know about HBO Max in Spain.

When will HBO Max arrive in Spain?

The million dollar question. In the absence of more specific data, second half of 2021.

More specific is the arrival at HBO Latinoamética (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela): next June. There the structure that has been previously given in the United States will be respected.: HBO Go (the on demand version, equivalent to Spanish HBO) will disappear, and HBO Latin America (the linear version) remains.

How much will HBO Max cost in Spain?

It has not been announced, but with the data in hand we can do some calculations. In the case of the United States, the arrival of HBO Max it has not led to an increase in the price of the two options they have in that country: linear cable service (comparable to our traditional television, or rather, to our old Canal +) and HBO Now (app on demand, like our HBO). That is, they continue to pay just over 12 euros per month.

In Spain there is no linear version of HBO. Its only incarnation, the on-demand app, costs 8.99 euros and is found as an independent service, and also as a service included in the Vodafone pack. Until the end of 2019, HBO Spain cost 7’99 euros, and this small increase has been the only one that the service has experienced. Although Warner could decide to raise the price to bring it closer to the US rate, you are unlikely to miss out on the opportunity to advertise the service improvement without a price hike. That is, a “free” upgrade, which is possibly what happens.

What does HBO Max contain?

Basically, it is a version of HBO that conglomerates the entertainment channels of WarnerMedia (it remains to be seen if the new merger of AT&T, owner of WarnerMedia, and Discovery will affect their content, although it is too early to discuss it). That is, in addition to what traditional HBO already had, there is content from Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, Adult Swim, The CW, DC Universe, film production companies such as New Line Cinema and, of course, Warner herself.

Added to this are HBO Max’s own productions, which here are for the most part reaching conventional HBO, such as ‘The Flight Attendant’ or ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’, to which future own productions such as the recently announced ‘García!’. This is on paper, but specifying specific titles is sometimes a bit more complicated, due to the differences in the rights of exhibition of series and films They come from more chaotic times. For example, The CW productions are scattered around platforms such as Netflix, although little by little they are accumulating on HBO.

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Is the HBO service going to double in Spain?

Warner Media now has confirmed that no. HBO Max will replace HBO, in the same way that it has done with HBO Now in the United States. What is possible is that the app changes completely, which would be great news, since the organization and performance of the HBO Max application is much higher than that of HBO Nordic, which is the one we currently use in Spain.

Will the movies be released in theaters and HBO Max at the same time, as in the United States?

Another unknown for which there is no firm answer, but there is a high probability: no. The fact that HBO Max is going to arrive in the second half of 2021 Spain leaves very little time to experiment with this issue, since in 2022 it has been announced that it will return to shorter windows, but that they respect the traditional exclusivity of movie theaters. Very possibly they will be reduced, yes, as it will happen with some Disney films such as the Marvel premieres.

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