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Alarms go off before possible third wave of covid-19 in Mexico

Mexico City, Jun 23 (. News) .- After four consecutive months of reduction in infections in Mexico, the covid-19 pandemic is on the rise again in several areas of the country, which has set off alarms for a possible and feared third wave despite the advance in vaccination. With 231,500 deaths and almost 2.5 million official infections, Mexico is the fourth country in the world with the most deaths, behind the United States, Brazil and India, but it was breathing with some tranquility until now. The health authorities detected during the last week an average increase of 9% in the transmission of the virus, and they plan to close this week with an increase of more than 15%, definitively breaking the streak of decline in the disease. The rebound began weeks ago in the tourist states of Yucatán, Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur, with hardly any restrictions on international tourism, but it has already spread to other regions such as Sonora, Sinaloa, Tabasco and Tamaulipas. NO ALARMISMS IN THE NATIONAL PALACE Despite the data, the always confident President Andrés Manuel López Obrador minimized the situation this Wednesday during his morning press conference at the National Palace. “Now that there is a rebound in various states, we review them. In the case of Sonora, there is an upturn in infections, but we are going to say, not alarming and it is not yet reflected in the number of deaths, “said the president, famous for his long-standing promise months ago that the pandemic was” tamed. ” Nor did he give greater importance to the cases reported in the press of some deceased with at least one dose of the vaccine, since he considered that it is a “practically non-existent” matter. Gatell, estimated that Mexico will close the week with an increase of between 15% and 18% of infections. “This could represent a change in the trend of the epidemic or it could not,” said López-Gatell, who only two weeks ago definitively suspended his daily press conferences on covid-19 as he considered the situation stabilized. The health official avoided talking about the third wave and called on the public to “continue observing precautionary measures”, such as avoiding c ongregations in public spaces. TOWARDS A THIRD WAVE? Mexico suffered a first spike of infections in July last year and then fell to skyrocket in January, when the coronavirus put many hospitals in the country in check, especially in the capital. Now, the Caribbean state of Quintana Roo, which is home to Cancun, and Baja California Sur, in the Mexican Pacific, already register higher daily infections than in the peak of January. “A new wave could be, but the reality is that we do not have the ability to predict it. It is simply clear that without sufficient control measures we are going to have a significant rebound,” health consultant Xavier Tello warned .. Tello considered that as a result of the optimistic messages from the Government regarding the vaccination rate, “people think that the pandemic is on the decline and we are defeating the pandemic, but that is not correct.” Since last December, the country has administered 40.7 million vaccines from different laboratories, while 17 of its 126 million inhabitants have completed their vaccination schedule. For now, the vaccination plan includes those over 40 years old from all over the country, medical personnel, teachers and pregnant women, as well as the entire adult population of the state of Baja California as part of a pilot plan to reopen the border with the United States. With about 30% of the adult population inoculated, the consultant considered that vaccination is still insufficient to stop the pandemic and for now we can only wait until there are “fewer deaths of the elderly”, since most have already completed their immunization. UNCONSCIOUS IN THE CAPITAL The confusion over the rallies has been reflected in a very evident way in Mexico City, which had been a hotbed of the pandemic for months. The capital’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced last Friday that the city would remain on a green traffic light for another week, the phase with the lowest risk of contagion, but hours later the federal government contradicted her and raised the risk of the megalopolis to the yellow traffic light, from Medium risk. The phase change directly impacted families because schools that had just reopened on June 7 after more than a year closed were closed. Given the confusion, the capital government reported that the phase change was due only to the variation of one point in the indicator that calculates the traffic light. But criticism was not spared from those who believe that the ephemeral green traffic light was an electoral measure due to the midterm elections two weeks ago. (c) . Agency

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