data from two million LinkedIn accounts for sale in a forum starting at $ 2

Want 500 million emails from LinkedIn?

After the Facebook data leak last weekend, the alerts jump again with a new case of data theft via scrapping, this time in LinkedIn, one of the leading job search platforms and applications.

Almost 800,000 emails associated with accounts of this social network are for sale in an Internet forum, where varied profile data of up to 2 million users. What’s going on? How could the “hackers” get hold of this information?

Over 780,000 emails from LinkedIn for sale on a forum.

Theft of personal information on LinkedIn by “scraping” data

According to Cybernews, the user who has published such a large offer in the forum, assures that he has in his possession the data of up to two million LinkedIn profiles, which have been obtained through the technique of scrapping or scraping data, yes, it is not clear where would the source of the leak be.

In any case, and just as it has been possible to verify, the compromised data includes full names, phone numbers, emails as well as other information linked to the professional profile of LinkedIn. Leaker himself states in the forum that he sells the complete data of up to 500 million profiles for a minimum number of four figures. In the same way, it offers samples of its “work” with data from two dollars.

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Although LinkedIn has not yet commented on the matter nor has it been found sensitive information among the leaked data, it is necessary warn that if the content of this leak falls into the wrong hands, email addresses and phone numbers could be used to start massive spam campaigns or launch phishing attacks.

For this reason, in case you suspect that your LinkedIn account may have been affected by this leak, we recommend that change both the password and the email account associated with your profile, as well as that you activate the authentication in two factors of the social network.

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