Dash cam: what is it, which is better, how to put them in the car

Dash cam

The arrival of the latest technologies in the automotive sector it has changed the way drivers behave. Connectivity has become vital for customers, but it is not the only thing that is causing a sensation. One of the most innovative novelties, for all that it entails, are the dash cam or on-board cameras. In case you don’t know, it is a high definition camera that is used to record everything that happens around the car.

Maybe you didn’t know, but dash cam have earned their fame thanks to accident videos arriving from Russia. However, more than to record these types of events, they have made a niche in the market for record what happens in front of and behind the car when we drive or we are stopped. For this security aspect, we are going to tell you what a dash cam is, how much it costs to put one or which are the best in 2021.

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam (dashcam) is a small size camera that is ready to be used inside the vehicle. As a general rule, they are usually accompanied by a suction cup mount to be adhered to the rear window or upper part of the dashboard. In this way, it can be installed pointing to the outer front of the car. However, there are users who also decide to install a second camera to monitor the rear area.

Dash cam

Dash cam

Regarding the storage of images, it can take place in two locations. One, in the internal memory and, two, in one external SD or Micro SD card. In addition, there are models that, thanks to a mobile application, allow you to manage the recorded content through your smartphone. Also, note that in case of need (as evidence in an accident or hit in a parking lot) they can only be treated by the Police or Civil Guard.

The best dash cams of 2021

The technology that shapes dash cams It has also evolved, a lot, in recent years. They are becoming more and more compact and the quality of their image has nothing to do with that of the first ones on the market. In addition, the battery is another of the sections that has been improved the most, with increasing periods of duration, both in use and in stand-by. However, as with all technological products, there are better and worse …

Garmin Tandem Dash cam

Garmin Tandem Dash cam

If we focus on those with the highest sales volume, and therefore the impact, have had so far this year, we would have the following brands.

Dash Cams 70mai

This tech company was founded in 2016 and is integrated into the ecosystem Mi. Its main mission is to offer the maximum potential in intelligent products for vehicles, providing drivers with an safe, comfortable and networked driving experience. His success, despite being so young, is remarkable, and his sales are proof. During 2018, they sold more than 10 million dash cams in 92 countries around the world.

His dash cam portfolio It is one of the most generous on the market. Among all the ones you can choose from, there are the compact type and others for the interior rear-view mirror. It should be noted that their prices are adjusted and that the quality of the recording can be Full HD up to 1944P. Nor can we ignore that, although some models do not have GPS, they are equipped with high-capacity lithium ion batteries.

Dash Cams Yi

Yi Technology is a company that focuses on research and development of imaging technologies and video viewing. It was founded in 2014 and since then it has patented more than 150 innovations and won as many awards. Its product catalog, among many others, has a wide variety of cameras for surveillance of homes (indoor and outdoor), baby monitors and various types of dash cam, like rearview.

Between the advantage presented by the Yi models, we can mention that some are equipped with night vision. As a negative point, indicate that certain dash cams do not have an internal battery, so they must be connected directly to the car battery. As indicated by the brand, it is to be more resistant to the changing conditions of the most extreme climates.

Dash Cams Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the largest consumer electronics and technology component manufacturers in China and the world. Although their dash cam range is independent of those offered by the 70mai brand, the technology they use is shared. The main advantages that its models present, compared to their rivals, are a very good product price ratio or a fast and efficient technical service.

Garmin Dash Cams

Garmin is one of the most important firms when it comes to developing and manufacturing accessories to make driving easier and more comfortable. Their dash cam They are considered the best on the market, although yes, at a much higher price than their main rivals. Not in vain, the quality of your lens, image recording, size, weight or strength are high. Also, to save battery life, your models are activated by impact.

How much does it cost to put one in our car

The cost of putting a dash cam in our car varies depending on several aspects. First of all for the cost of the camera and the accessories that complete the pack. Depending on how complete it is, you will have to buy, or not, the connection kit. This element allows the system to be permanently connected to the battery so that, regardless of whether we are parked or running, the system can function well.

How to put a dash cam

The way to put a cam inside the vehicle will depend, above all, on the model we have chosen. If the pack is accompanied by a bracket and suction cup, just choose one location on dashboard or moon (front or back). In case of not coming, we will have to purchase an accessory. In addition, if we want it to be powered by the car battery, we must bear in mind that it is advisable to hide the cable for the connection.

Dash cam

Dash cam

To hide them, we will take advantage of the seams of plastic liners that shape the dashboard and roof. The same, so as not to get hooked on them, it will have to be done in the lower area of ​​the passenger compartment. In this case we will take advantage of the dashboard, door, carpet and floor mats gaskets. In this way, we can hide the wiring until we reach the cigarette lighter socket or, in the engine compartment, the battery.

How do they work, are they difficult to use…?

The operation of a dash cam It is very simple. Once it is located in the right place on the window (front or rear), activated and connected (by its own battery or that of the car), you just have to wait. Most devices have integrated microwave or deceleration sensors. Thanks to them, they are able to feel bumps or detect sudden movements that have nothing to do with the movement or parking of the car.

In this way, although their field of vision is limited, they are very useful to know what happened in case of an accident or, in case of being parked, a blow. In addition, following the regulations, they only record for about 40 seconds, that is, 20 seconds before the event occurs and another 20 after it occurs. This is to prevent the content of this recording from being used in bad faith or by third parties unrelated to the fact.

Dash Cam mount

Dash Cam mount

Is it legal to have a dash cam as protection against theft or accidents?

According to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), recordings are allowed in order to obtain evidence to determine responsibilities associated with the production of an event, that is, to obtain photographs or image recordings What tests in relation to possible accidents or traffic incidents.

This is allowed because in Art. 6.1.f of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) it is stipulated that this type of recordings are allowed by the application of the legitimate interest rule based on the right to effective judicial protection, fundamental right collected by the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

However, the public dissemination of these imagesWithout the express consent of the people who may appear in them, it is not legal. For this reason, dash cams like the one mounted on Tesla models do not carry out permanent surveillance, but are only activated and recorded when they detect that the vehicle may suffer imminent damage.

best dash cam 2021

best dash cam 2021

Is there a fine for bringing a camera in the car?

According to the legal report provided by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), video surveillance systems involve the processing of personal data. In consecuense, the image is a personal data, as will any information that allows determining, directly or indirectly, your identity, such as a vehicle license plate, an IP address, etc.

As we have mentioned before, all processing of personal data must be legitimized for any of the causes of art. 6 of the RGPD, among which is included in its section f). But in addition, when speaking of complaints of alleged infractions of traffic regulations, this report is pronounced in the following terms:

Image capture to the outside is limited to the front of the vehicle and, towards the interior, it excludes the capture of the image of the driver. Additionally, the recordings made are progressively canceled and can be recovered only in the event of an event.

Yi Mirror Dash Cam

Yi Mirror Dash Cam

Taking into account what is the placement that the dash cam should have, we could be sanctioned in case the Security Forces and Bodies detect that the right to the image is being violated. The amount and the reasons are set out in Art. 83 of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). It could amount to 20 million euros, but the AEPD considers, in the case of being a natural person, that it should be 1,500 euros.

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