Darren Till explodes against Marvin Vettori: “You were going to be my easiest fight”

A clavicular fracture caused the ex-Welterweight contender to be discharged, Darren till, from the stellar clash of the UFC Las Vegas 23 of this Saturday.

Hour after it was known that Till had been unaffected from the card due to the injury, Marvin vettori took to Twitter to vent his frustrations in regards to the top 10 of the 185 pounds of the UFC.

Almost a week after that, Till responded on Instagram, assuring Vettori that it was going to be his easiest fight over the Octagon and also physically comparing him to an ogre from the franchise of The Lord of the Rings.

«@Marvinvettori, what’s wrong with you, friend? Are you missing some neurons or something? If you only knew what I went through in this camp to fight you. In and out of the gym! Let’s clear things up, friend, you were going to be my easiest fight. You are a walking sack that is tough. Nothing more, nothing less. So keep your bitter mouth shut. It makes me howl that you or someone thinks I got out of a fight because of a stupid excuse. I can assure you that in each camp I train between hard injuries more than you or 90% of the roster. What do you want me to do? I broke my collarbone, you great idiot. Make sure you win on Saturday. And here’s a tip, you ugly ogre from the Lord of the Rings, rejoice for your comrades. Rejoice that (Israel) Adesanya beat you. Rejoice for the fact that I was going to give you a lecture. And be happy to be on top of the most devastating sport in the world. Stop being a hater, you bum. And you are not from Italy. You’ve lived in California most of your life, you lying bastard. I’m going to tag you on my X-ray so you can sleep well tonight.

Fortunately for Vettori, number six in the ranking, the UFC soon found him a replacement in Kevin Holland, who comes from losing by unanimous decision to Derek Brunson.

Till last fought in the UFC Fight Island 3, where he was surpassed by the former division champion, Robert Whittaker, in a contest played over five rounds.