In-depth connoisseur of the circuit, reasonable and experienced man and, ultimately, an authoritative voice in tennis like few others. So is Darren Cahill, current coach of Simona halep, which in a statement collected by . puts words to the widespread sentiment among tennis fans since the restrictive measures imposed by the US Open 2020, in order to ensure its celebration.

05/31/2020 10:05

Without an audience, daily temperature controls or best of three sets matches are some of the measures that would be taken for the event to unfold.

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“That will not work for many tennis players and I think it will be the case for Simona,” said the Australian without preamble. “They are incredibly difficult for a professional to assume, very tough and everyone will know if they are willing to go to the tournament taking that into account. The fact that tennis is an individual sport is hard in itself, but on top of that having to go to a Grand Slam with only one person and being isolated for several weeks … “said a Cahill who hinted at his deep skepticism about the possibility that the tournament could go ahead.

In fact, Halep herself has already announced that she is not facing all this process to play the New York tournament. “There are going to be many players who are not willing to spend four weeks in a bubble with only one person from their team, fulfilling everything to the letter and putting themselves in a position to compete at the highest level. We all want to return to the circuit and hopefully this will be resolved Soon. I know that the US Open is making a great effort, but I think that it will not be feasible that they maintain those restrictions. If the tournament is carried out, they will relax the measures because if it is not going to be impossible, they will gather many tennis players “, said a Darren who wielded another factor.

06/11/2020 05:06

Simona Halep reflected on the possibility of playing the Us Open. She is just the last to be very skeptical of the New York Grand Slam.

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“Imagine those tennis players who are married and have children. There it will be difficult for them to decide to separate from their families at a time like this for so long to go to a place totally alone and taking some risk,” added a Darren Cahill always accurate in his analyzes and that he may be giving voice to the serious conflict that is coming in the coming days. Remember that on the 15th a final decision will be made and there are several scenarios to decide from.

The three options of the US tour from which to choose on June 15

06/11/2020 11:06

We reveal the great unknowns, certainties and leaks that have occurred after the players’ meeting with the ATP and the US Open.

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