Among the many elements that were expected from Justice League beyond 2017, one was the presentation in the form of the villain Darkseid and a bit of background about his history and his motivations. However, with Zack Snyder leaving the project, many things changed and many others were suppressed. Now that the filmmaker returns to the director’s chair, news reports are reported about a longer sequence that works as a history lesson on the villain, presumably contained in the Snyder Cut.

In fact, a few months ago Zack Snyder revealed what would be the first official preview of his new Justice League cut and what we could see in it was Wonder Woman discovering a bit of the past history of Darkseid on earth. Although this scene advances a sequence in which the villain’s first arrival on the human planet is explained, it is not until now that we know that it could be substantially longer than the one seen in cinemas.

During Justice Con, a convention organized by DC fans, which took place over the weekend, cinematographer Fabian Wagner chatted about the scene and assured that there is enough filmed material to be able to finish with a fairly rich montage. in time and content.

« We filmed many elements for the history lesson scene, » Wagner said. « And I’m sure it could turn out to be a pretty substantial and lengthy sequence. »

Although the mention was brief and did not detail exactly how long the sequence could last, this could certainly confirm that Darkseid’s narrative arc will be much more important in this version than the one that finally hit theaters.

On the other hand, it had previously been commented that the actor Ray Porter, who gave voice to the famous villain, would return to film some scenes that will complete the vision of Snyder, who awaits the HBO Max streaming service with open arms.

Over the weekend and at the same event, Zack Snyder revealed a short sequence that shows Henry Cavill wearing the Superman black suit for the first time. You can see it here.

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